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Holztiger Woodland Creatures

Take a trip into the woods with these gorgeous hand-crafted wooden animals from Holztiger. From cunning foxes to wise owls, magic toadstools and a whole lot more besides, we have everything you need to build your collection of woodland animals. Children will love to play with and collect these beautifully hand-made wooden figures. The natural look and feel of the wood of these beautiful toys evokes a connection with your child's surroundings and the environment. These Waldorf-inspired toys allow children to create their own fantasy world where the animals and their imaginations come to life.

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  • Holztiger Noah's Ark

    Holztiger Noah's Ark

    Give your Holztiger animals the home they deserve with this epic woode...
  •  Holztiger Badger

    Holztiger Badger

    This fluffy grey and white badger has been handcrafted from solid hard...
  •  Holztiger Feeding Wild Boar

    Holztiger Feeding Wild Boar

    This wild boar is a fantastic, hand-crafted figure and perfect for any...
  • Holztiger Elk

    Holztiger Elk

    This large handsome elk - or moose - has a huge set of antlers to ward...
  • Holztiger Raccoon

    Holztiger Raccoon

    This cuddly raccoon keeps warm with a furry coat and likes is never ha...
  • Holztiger Skunk

    Holztiger Skunk

    This stinky skunk is a fun figure with a huge bushy tail. This little ...
  •  Holztiger Brown Bear

    Holztiger Brown Bear

    This big brown bear is a gentle giant and will make a wonderful additi...
  • Holztiger Marten

    Holztiger Marten

    This cute marten is a fantastic, hand-crafted figure and perfect for a...
  • Holztiger Groundhog

    Holztiger Groundhog

    This little groundhog is feeding himself up, ready for hibernation. T...
  • Holztiger Beaver

    Holztiger Beaver

    This cute brown beaver is sitting upright, ready to gnaw his way throu...
  • Holztiger Owl

    Holztiger Owl

    This yellow-eyed owl is a fantastic, hand-crafted figure. She is made...
  •  Holztiger Howling Wolf

    Holztiger Howling Wolf

    This fluffy grey wolf, howling at the moon, will make a wonderful addi...
  •  Holztiger Brown Squirrel

    Holztiger Brown Squirrel

    This little brown squirrel is sitting upright, ready to crack open a n...
  •  Holztiger Orange Squirrel

    Holztiger Orange Squirrel

    This little orange squirrel is ready to dart up a tree. This bushy-ta...
  •  Holztiger Easter Hare Sitting

    Holztiger Easter Hare Sitting

    Holztiger fun, is this little hare running off with a decorated egg, y...
  •  Holztiger Easter Hare with Rucksack

    Holztiger Easter Hare with Rucksack

    Holztiger fun, a hare standing proud with a cute rucksack on its back....
  •  Holztiger Small Running Hare

    Holztiger Small Running Hare

    If you're looking for an alternative to a chocolate egg this Easter, y...
  • Holztiger Sitting Hare

    Holztiger Sitting Hare

    This happy sitting hare is a fantastic hand-crafted wooden figure and ...
  •  Holztiger Standing Hare

    Holztiger Standing Hare

    This hare is a fantastic hand-crafted wooden figure and makes a great ...
  •  Holztiger Standing Fox

    Holztiger Standing Fox

    This cute little standing fox is a fantastic, hand-crafted figure and ...
  •  Holztiger Running Fox

    Holztiger Running Fox

    Captured mid-flight, this speedy fox is a fantastic, hand-crafted figu...
  •  Holztiger Deer

    Holztiger Deer

    A dainty wooden deer figure that will prance right into your toy colle...
  •  Holztiger Roe Buck

    Holztiger Roe Buck

    This young stag with growing antlers is a fantastic, handcrafted figur...
  •  Holztiger Dappled Piglet

    Holztiger Dappled Piglet

    A Hand-crafted dappled piglet figure, perfect for any collection of wo...

24 Item(s)

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