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TotsBots EasyFit and TeenyFit

Totsbots Easyfit Star and the newborn version Teenyfit are easy to use 'one piece' all-in-one nappies. These award winning nappies are made in the UK by Totsbots in their own fabulous fluffy Scottish factory which we have had the pleasure of visiting! Easyfit-Star is the latest 'improved' version of the Easyfit reusable nappy, it offers great fit and absorbency, it's one-size which easily be adjusted to grow with your baby. The easyfit nappy is designed to fit babies from around 8-35lb

The Teenyfit nappy is a special little nappy for newborn babies, these will generally be outgrown when your baby reaches around 12lb in weight.

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  1. Tots Bots Easyfit - Dilly Dally
  2. Tots Bots Teenyfit - Dilly Dally
  3. Tots Bots Easyfit - Splash
  4. Tots Bots Teenyfit - Splash
  5. Tots Bots Easyfit - Rainplops
  6. Tots Bots Teenyfit - Rainplops
  7. Tots Bots Easyfit - Napple
  8. Tots Bots Easyfit - Knotty
  9. Tots Bots Easyfit - Nutty
  10. Tots Bots Teenyfit - Napple
  11. Tots Bots Teenyfit - Knotty
  12. Tots Bots Easyfit - ChimPANTzee
  13. Tots Bots Easyfit - Nappy Feet
  14. Tots Bots Easyfit - Giggleraffe
  15. Tots Bots Easyfit - Pawfect
  16. Tots Bots Easyfit - Smelliphant
  17. Tots Bots Easyfit Star - Pop
  18. Tots Bots Easyfit Star - Breeze
  19. Tots Bots Easyfit Star - Dandy
  20. Tots Bots Teenyfit - Breeze
  21. TotsBots Teenyfit Songtime - Wheels on the Bus
  22. TotsBots Teenyfit Songtime - I'm a Little Tea Pot
  23. TotsBots Teenyfit Songtime - Five Little Speckled Frog
  24. TotsBots Teenyfit Songtime - Row Your Boat
  25. TotsBots Star Wheels on the Bus Songtime Print
  26. TotsBots Star Little Bunny Hop Songtime Print
  27. TotsBots Star I'm a Little Tea Pot Songtime Print
  28. TotsBots Star Five Little Speckled Frog Songtime Print
  29. TotsBots Star Row Your Boat Songtime Print
  30. Tots Bots Reusable Cloth Wipes 10 Pack - Prints
  31. Tots Bots Reusable Cloth Wipes 10 Pack - White
  32. Easyfit-Star White 5 Pack
  33. Tots Bots Potion Bubble Gum 750g
  34. TotsBots Easyfit Star Colours-White
  35. Tots Bots Potion Mint Humbug 750g
  36. Tots Bots Potion Parma Violets 750g
  37. Tots Bots Potion Unscented 750g
  38. Tots Bots Nappy Liners x 100
  39. Washable Fleece Liners - 10 Pack
    Washable Fleece Liners - 10 Pack
    £9.95 £7.95 (20.1% OFF)
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39 Items

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