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Learn through play with Erzi toys. Expertly crafted in Germany from sustainably sourced wood, Erzi toys are eco-friendly and fun for children of all ages. From tasty play food for a toy kitchen to classic toys, these durable wooden toys bring children closer to nature and inspire imaginative play.

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  • Erzi Dinosaur Stacking Fun

    Erzi Dinosaur Stacking Fun

    Little dino fans will delight in stacking and playing with these woode...
  • Erzi Architect Big Ben

    Erzi Architect Big Ben

    Build Big Ben, London's iconic clock tower, with this architectural bu...
  • Erzi Learning Game Stacking Blocks

    Erzi Learning Game Stacking Blocks

    This set of 48 wooden column blocks are great for building toppling to...
  • Erzi Architect Empire State Building

    Erzi Architect Empire State Building

    Build New York's famous Empire State Building with this impressive set...
  • Erzi Maxi Blocks

    Erzi Maxi Blocks

    These super-sized solid wood building blocks allow children to build b...
  • Erzi Molly Monster Stacking Fun

    Erzi Molly Monster Stacking Fun

    Children will love to stack and play with these seven wooden blocks, e...
  • Erzi Building Log Toy

    Erzi Building Log Toy

    This wooden construction toy contains 150 wooden toys for unlimited bu...
  • Erzi Basic Building Blocks

    Erzi Basic Building Blocks

    This wooden block set contains 50 blocks in 11 different shapes, givin...
  • Erzi Team Tower

    Erzi Team Tower

    This wooden team building game is great for bringing friends and famil...
  • Erzi Slice of Bread

    Erzi Slice of Bread

    This freshly sliced piece of bread is dark brown around the edges and ...
  • Erzi Swiss Cheese

    Erzi Swiss Cheese

    Make cheese sandwiches and jazz up grilled vegetables with this fun sl...
  • Erzi Strawberry

    Erzi Strawberry

    One strawberry is included per sale. This juicy strawberry is a tasty ...
  • Erzi Mushroom

    Erzi Mushroom

    This little button mushroom looks incredibly realistic and is a lovely...
  • Erzi Plum

    Erzi Plum

    This juicy purple plum is a lovely bit of wooden play food that childr...
  • Erzi Tomato

    Erzi Tomato

    This wooden tomato is an essential piece of play food is perfect for l...
  • Erzi Lemon

    Erzi Lemon

    This juicy wooden lemon looks incredibly realistic and will be a hit w...
  • Erzi Corn Cob

    Erzi Corn Cob

    What could be better than crunchy corn on the cob, slathered in butter...
  • Erzi Green Pear

    Erzi Green Pear

    This wooden pear is a healthy, tasty play food snack for children to e...
  • Erzi Bread Roll

    Erzi Bread Roll

    This freshly baked bread roll is a great wooden play food toy for litt...
  • Erzi Yellow Pepper

    Erzi Yellow Pepper

    This fresh and crunchy yellow pepper is a great piece of wooden play f...
  • Erzi Half Kiwi Fruit

    Erzi Half Kiwi Fruit

    This juicy kiwi fruit half is a fun wooden play food toy that children...
  • Erzi Knife

    Erzi Knife

    Chop up play food and enjoy eating a meal made with tasty wooden food ...
  • Erzi Raspberry Ice Lolly

    Erzi Raspberry Ice Lolly

    This heart-shaped wooden ice lolly is a refreshing play food treat for...
  • Erzi Green & Red Pear

    Erzi Green & Red Pear

    This green and red wooden pear looks really life-like with warm, tonal...
  • Erzi Pair Of Cherries

    Erzi Pair Of Cherries

    These two juicy cherries are tasty wooden play food. Children will lov...
  • Erzi Butter

    Erzi Butter

    This pack of Irish butter is a wooden play food essential. This block ...
  • Erzi Cotton Bag

    Erzi Cotton Bag

    This natural cotton bag with illustrations of play food on the side is...
  • Erzi Green Apple

    Erzi Green Apple

    Who doesn't love a crunchy apple? This gorgeous green wooden apple is ...
  • Erzi Small Broccoli

    Erzi Small Broccoli

    Rustle up a stir fry with this fresh green floret of broccoli, a lovel...
  • Erzi Spoon

    Erzi Spoon

    Clear your plate of play food with this wooden spoon. This solid wood ...
  • Erzi Carrot

    Erzi Carrot

    This wooden carrot will be loved by children when playing shop and coo...
  • Erzi Cucumber

    Erzi Cucumber

    Add this lovely Erzi cucumber to your child's play shop, kitchen or ma...
  • Erzi Orange

    Erzi Orange

    This juicy orange is a great bit of wooden play food and will be fun i...
  • Erzi Red Pepper

    Erzi Red Pepper

    This crunchy red pepper is a great piece of wooden play food that look...
  • Erzi Teaspoon

    Erzi Teaspoon

    Spoon sugar into your tea, eat yoghurt and feed dolls and teddies porr...
  • Erzi Yellow Boletus Mushroom

    Erzi Yellow Boletus Mushroom

    This wild mushroom is a great piece of play food for budding shop keep...
  • Erzi Chicken Leg

    Erzi Chicken Leg

    This roasted chicken leg is great wooden play food toy for little cook...
  • Erzi Edam

    Erzi Edam

    Get a taste of the Netherlands with this tasty wedge of Edam - a fab w...
  • Erzi Yellow-Red Apple

    Erzi Yellow-Red Apple

    Have a healthy snack with his crunchy wooden apple that looks just lik...
  • Erzi Big Knife

    Erzi Big Knife

    Little chefs will enjoy cutting up wooden play food to make a feast fo...
  • Erzi Fried Egg Sunny-Side Up

    Erzi Fried Egg Sunny-Side Up

    This fried egg is a great bit of wooden play food - pop it in a pan an...
  • Erzi Croissant

    Erzi Croissant

    This freshly baked baguette is soft and flakey, just like the real thi...
  • Erzi Egg To Cut

    Erzi Egg To Cut

    Make a wooden egg salad with this hard boiled egg play food that can b...
  • Erzi Rocket

    Erzi Rocket

    Put a zing in your step with these five peppery rocket leaves. These w...
  • Erzi Egg Cup

    Erzi Egg Cup

    This wooden egg cup is smooth and tactile with a beautiful wood grain....
  • Erzi Erzella Chocolate Spread

    Erzi Erzella Chocolate Spread

    Children will love to slather Erzella chocolate spread from Erzi all o...
  • Erzi Lettuce

    Erzi Lettuce

    This fresh leafy lettuce is a fantastic piece of play food. This fleec...
  • Erzi Breakfast Board

    Erzi Breakfast Board

    Use this chunky wooden ply board to serve up a hearty breakfast or as ...

Items 1 to 48 of 109 total

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