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MÜHLE Plumwood Synthetic Fibre Shaving Brush

MÜHLE Plumwood Synthetic Fibre Shaving Brush


Quick Overview

The perfect way to apply shaving lather, this high quality shaving brush is made using gorgeous plum wood and synthetic fibres making it ideal for vegans.
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Product description

MÜHLE Plumwood Synthetic Fibre Shaving Brush

This vegan friendly shaving brush has been expertly crafted from plum wood and uses high quality synthetic fibres designed to resemble natural hair materials. The handle is made from plum wood and has chrome-plated highlights. This brush looks and feels of the highest quality and is the perfect way to apply shaving lather and is guaranteed to look stylish in any bathroom.

The handle has been made from sustainable plum wood which is hard and robust, making it ideal for every day use. The wood is protected against water by sealing it with oil which also gives it the attractive soft gleam and really brings out the warm colouring and stunning grain. The chrome highlights is corrosion-resistant and extremely long lasting, giving the brush a luxurious look. When all the materials are combined, they colours and shapes really show this is a premium shaving brush.

The brush head is made from vegan friendly, high quality synthetic fibres which perform just as good as other fibres but are sturdier and more durable. The fibres are perfect for creating a really creamy shaving lather.

Expertly crafted in Saxony, Germany, MÜHLE safety razors are the perfect way to introduce zero waste shaving to your bathroom. Made using only the highest quality materials and stainless steel, MÜHLE safety razors are designed to last a life time and will look fantastic in your bathroom, say good bye to disposable plastic razors and introduce a stylish eco-friendly alternative. Safety razors are an easy way save you money, cut down on your plastic consumption and your waste too. We’re impressed by the traditional vibe combined with impressive build quality that produces a shave equal to or better than the brands you may be used to. Give them a try, you won’t go back.

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