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MÜHLE Rytmo 3 Piece Shaving Set - Mint Resin

MÜHLE Rytmo 3 Piece Shaving Set - Mint Resin


Quick Overview

These safety razors are the ideal way to introduce a zero-waste shaving routine to your bathroom. Expertly made in Germany using only the highest quality materials, these safety razors will give you the closets shave you've ever had whilst looking go
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Product description

MÜHLE Rytmo 3 Piece Shaving Set in Mint Green

Gorgeous 3-piece shaving set with the elegant Rytmo style handle in mint green – includes a traditional closed comb safety razor in mint green resin, a high quality synthetic black fibre brush and chrome plated stand.

Say goodbye to disposable razors and say hello to stylish zero-waste shaving. This set is guaranteed to look great in any bathroom and has all the tools you need to start shaving in style. The vegan friendly fibre brush is perfect for applying shaving foam, and the safety razor will give you one of the closets shaves you’ve ever had. Keep everything safe and tidy on the stylish stand – no more hiding away your razors!

  • 3-piece set includes safety razor, brush and stand
  • Quality long lasting materials
  • Made in Germany
  • Rust resistant
  • Vegan friendly synthetic brush fibre

Expertly made using only the finest materials, this shaving set features the elegant and stylish Rytmo style handle in mint green resin. Each piece is extremely rust resistant and durable and the set is designed to last a lifetime – saving you money and helping to prevent unnecessary plastic going to landfill.

The razors are easy to use, and once you’ve got the hang of it they’re extremely comfortable, the fixed blade is also excellent for precision trimming. Requiring less pressure than standard razors, the single double-edged blade of this safety razor will give you a close, comfortable shave. Reducing the irritation, razor burn and other not so nice side effects of shaving.

The brush head is made using synthetic black fibre – a synthetically produced, high quality fibre which is vegan friendly. Providing better performance than natural hair brushes, the fibre is soft at the fine tips but more stable in the middle section, producing a pleasant, soft sensation on the skin when applying lather.

Expertly crafted in Saxony, Germany, MÜHLE safety razors are the perfect way to introduce zero waste shaving to your bathroom. Made using only the highest quality materials and stainless steel, MÜHLE safety razors are designed to last a life time and will look fantastic in your bathroom, say good bye to disposable plastic razors and introduce a stylish eco-friendly alternative. Safety razors are an easy way save you money, cut down on your plastic consumption and your waste too. We’re impressed by the traditional vibe combined with impressive build quality that produces a shave equal to or better than the brands you may be used to. Give them a try, you won’t go back.

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