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Natural Intimacy Menstrual Sea Sponges x2 & Bag
Natural Intimacy Menstrual Sea Sponges x2 & Bag

Natural Intimacy Menstrual Sea Sponges x2 & Bag

100% of 100
These two Mediterranean sea sponges are dense and highly absorbent, so are ideal for use in the day during your period. They are unbleached or treated in any way. A handyRead more
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Natural Intimacy Mediterranean Menstrual Sea Sponges x 2 plus bag

These two Mediterranean sea sponges are dense and highly absorbent, so are ideal for use in the day during your period. Unbleached or treated in any way, this method of sanitary protection is as natural as can be. Sea sponges need to be rinsed out about every 3 hours and thoroughly cleaned, dried, and properly stored at the end of each menstrual cycle. They are not suitable for using over night.

Each sponge measures 6.5-7.5cm across and can be trimmed if necessary.  They come with a handy storage bag.

Sea sponges have been used by women since ancient times and today are an alternative to conventional sanitary products. Organic, soft and biodegradable, Natural Intimacy sponges are naturally resistant to mold and are highly absorbent. These fantastic eco products have been ethically harvested to allow for new sponges to grow.


What are Sea sponges?

Sea sponges have been used for centuries, and are a fantastic reusable alternative to tampons, or menstrual cups as a form of internal menstrual protection.  Here at Babi Pur, we only stock ethical products, and these sponges are no exception. The sponges are ethically harvested from the sea in such a manner that they are able to reproduce and grow a new sponge.

The Natural Intimacy Menstrual Sea Sponge is completely organic and unbleached so that it's safe to use without affecting the pH balance of the vagina. The sponge is a little more durable than other bleached sponges as it hasn't undergone a bleaching process, and because of this, it retains 100% of it's absorbency.

The sponge has thousands of pores which make them fantastic for absorbing menstrual fluid, and unlike a tampon, they will NOT dry you out or leave fibres behind that harbour bacteria.

With good care, the Natural Intimacy Menstrual Sea Sponge can last approx 1 year before showing any signs of wear, making it a great investment for saving money. At the end of their life, sponges can be composted and returned to the Earth.

How to use the Natural Intimacy Menstrual Sea Sponge

The Natural Intimacy Menstrual Sea Sponge is quite easy to use. Simply wet the sponge under a running tap, squeeze out the excess and then insert into the vagina. When wet, the sponge becomes very pliable, soft and easy to compress smaller for insertion. To remove, just reach up and gently pull the bottom of the sponge to bring it downwards and out, and then rinse the blood out under a running tap before re-inserting. It's as easy as that. If you have trouble reaching your sponge, just relax, breathe in and then out through your mouth whilst gently bearing down as if you were having a bowel movement. This will bring your sponge lower so that you can pinch the bottom and remove it.

Cleaning the Natural Intimacy Menstrual Sea Sponge

There are a few different ways to clean your sponge after use at the end of your period. Firstly you must give your sponge a good rinse out under the warm tap until the water runs clear. Then you'll need approx 230ml (1cup) of warm water in a jug/bowl and one of the following mixed in to create a solution:

• 60ml hydrogen peroxide (no higher than 3%)
• 60ml apple cider vinegar/white vinegar
• 1 tbsp baking soda (bicarb soda)

Let your sponge soak for around two hours before rinsing under the tap to rinse the solution and then placing them somewhere to air dry. We suggest placing your sponges on something absorbent like a clean towel or cotton muslin until dry. Once your sponge/s are dry, place them back inside their box/hemp storage bag.



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