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Holztiger Birds

Fly up and away with these gorgeous hand-crafted wooden birds from Holztiger. From ducks and chickens to exotic birds from across the world, we have everything you need to build your flock. Children will love to play with and collect these beautifully hand-made wooden figures. The natural look and feel of the wood of these beautiful toys evokes a connection with your child's surroundings and the environment. These Waldorf-inspired toys allow children to create their own fantasy world where the animals and their imaginations come to life.

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  • Holztiger Duck

    Holztiger Duck

    This delightful brown duck with characterful markings and contrasting ...
  •  Holztiger Blue Rooster

    Holztiger Blue Rooster

    Cock-a-doodle-do! Every needs a rooster to get everyone up in the morn...
  •  Holztiger Standing Goose

    Holztiger Standing Goose

    This gorgeous goose is standing upright, looking out across the farmya...
  •  Holztiger Swimming Swan

    Holztiger Swimming Swan

    This graceful swan is swimming along, looking gorgeous with her big fe...
  •  Holztiger Raven

    Holztiger Raven

    This little raven is a lovely hand-crafted figure. He is made from so...
  • Holztiger Woodpecker

    Holztiger Woodpecker

    Brighten up your Holztiger collection with this perky woodpecker. Thi...
  • Holztiger Pigeon

    Holztiger Pigeon

    This cooing pigeon is a sweet looking bird and will be a great additio...
  •  Holztiger Sparrow

    Holztiger Sparrow

    This chirpy sparrow will make a great addition to a growing collection...
  • Holztiger Owl

    Holztiger Owl

    This yellow-eyed owl is a fantastic, hand-crafted figure. She is made...
  •  Holztiger Pelican

    Holztiger Pelican

    This striking pelican is a wonderful wooden figure and will make a gre...
  •  Holztiger Parrot

    Holztiger Parrot

    Who's a pretty boy then? This perky parrot will brighten up any collec...

11 Item(s)

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