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Holztiger Dinosaurs

Step back in time with these fab hand-crafted wooden dinosaurs from Holztiger. From a terrifying T-Rex to killer raptors and a whole lot more besides, we have everything you need to build your collection of dinos. Children will love to play with and collect these beautifully hand-made wooden figures. The natural look and feel of the wood of these beautiful toys evokes a connection with your child's surroundings and the environment. These Waldorf-inspired toys allow children to create their own fantasy world where the animals and their imaginations come to life.

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  • Holztiger Allosaurus

    Holztiger Allosaurus

    The allosaurus was a pretty tough dinosaur and known to do battle with...
  •  Holztiger Stegosaurus

    Holztiger Stegosaurus

    Take a step back in time with this super stegosaurus. This huge figur...
  • Holztiger Spinosaurus

    Holztiger Spinosaurus

    This green and red dinosaur is a colourful carnivore and will make a f...
  • Holztiger Triceratops

    Holztiger Triceratops

    This horned dinosaur is ready to do battle! This triceratops is a grea...
  • Holztiger Staurikosaurus

    Holztiger Staurikosaurus

    This toy staurikosaurus is one cool looking dinosaur. He has been hand...
  • Holztiger Parasaurolophus

    Holztiger Parasaurolophus

    This large-crested, duck-billed dinosaur roamed in packs and will want...
  • Holztiger Protoceratops

    Holztiger Protoceratops

    This green protoceratops might not be the most handsome figure in your...
  • Holztiger Dimetrodon

    Holztiger Dimetrodon

    This dimetrodon is certainly eye-catching. He has been hand-crafted fr...

8 Item(s)

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