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Holztiger Wildlife Animals

Venture out into the wild with these gorgeous hand-crafted wooden animals from Holztiger. From roaring lions, to trumpeting elephants, chasing tigers and towering giraffes and a whole lot more besides, we have everything you need to build your collection of wild animals. Children will love to play with and collect these beautifully hand-made wooden figures. The natural look and feel of the wood of these beautiful toys evokes a connection with your child's surroundings and the environment. These Waldorf-inspired toys allow children to create their own fantasy world where the animals and their imaginations come to life.

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  • Holztiger Small Running Tiger

    Holztiger Small Running Tiger

    This terrific tiger cub is running to catch his dinner, watch him go! ...
  •  Holztiger Lion

    Holztiger Lion

    The lion is the chief of the animal kingdom and this hand-crafted, har...
  •  Holztiger Lioness

    Holztiger Lioness

    If you have a Holztiger Lion, then you'll need this lioness! Hand-cra...
  • Holztiger Panther

    Holztiger Panther

    A wild black panther prowling through the undergrowth ready to pounch ...
  • Holztiger Small Panther

    Holztiger Small Panther

    This hand-crafted playful panther is super cute and ready to pounce. ...
  • Holztiger Small Elephant With Raised Trunk

    Holztiger Small Elephant With Raised Trunk

    What could be better than a lovely wooden elephant? That's right, a ba...
  •  Holztiger Small Feeding Giraffe

    Holztiger Small Feeding Giraffe

    This hungry giraffe has been hand-crafted from hardwood and will look ...
  •  Holztiger Camel

    Holztiger Camel

    Trek across the Sahara with this cute camel figure. Hand-crafted from...
  • Holztiger Ostrich

    Holztiger Ostrich

    The Ostrich is an intriguing animal, the largest of the birds in the a...
  •  Holztiger Bison

    Holztiger Bison

    The mighty Bison is an oversized beast found roaming and grazing the p...
  • Holztiger Small Leopard

    Holztiger Small Leopard

    This cuddly leopard cub is one of the cutest Holztiger creatures. He ...
  •  Holztiger Gnu

    Holztiger Gnu

    This gnu, or wildebeest, is a striking creature. He has been hand-cra...
  • Holztiger Small Gnu

    Holztiger Small Gnu

    This baby gnu, or wildebeest, is a cute yet unusual creature. He has ...

13 Item(s)

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