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Ostheimer Fairytale World

ostheimer figures

Waldorf wooden fairytale figures hand-crafted by Ostheimer. Step into the magical world of Ostheimer fairytales and fantasy with this whimsical set of Walorf figures. Classic children's tale characters including Hansel, Gretel, Snow White and Red Riding Hood are perfect for making story sacks for playing acting out the traditional stories. Colourful dwarves will keep Snow White company and, like the beautiful flower children, are ideally suited to living in a Waldorf world of fantasy blocks. Each fairytale character will delight young readers and inspire children to build imaginative play scenes for them. With simple designs, delicate colours and smooth, tactile forms, these figures are perfect for small hands and come to life when children's imaginations are allowed to run free. All Ostheimer wooden figures are hand-made in Germany using sustainable wood and organic oils providing parents with peace of mind.

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  • Ostheimer Stage Coach

    Ostheimer Stage Coach

    This expertly crafted wooden stage coach from Ostheimer will have a my...
  • Ostheimer Rumpelstiltskin

    Ostheimer Rumpelstiltskin

    Act out the story of Rumpelstiltskin by the Brothers Grimm with this w...
  • Ostheimer Princess & Frog King

    Ostheimer Princess & Frog King

    This two-piece set of a beautiful princess all in pink and a little gr...
  • Ostheimer Dragon's Cave

    Ostheimer Dragon's Cave

    This dark and mysterious cave is perfect for harbouring dragons - watc...
  • Ostheimer Unicorn

    Ostheimer Unicorn

    A beautiful hand crafted Unicorn from German toy maker Ostheimer. Uni...
  • Ostheimer Witch

    Ostheimer Witch

    Act out a multitude of fairy tales and make your own up with this wick...
  • Ostheimer Hansel

    Ostheimer Hansel

    This wooden Hansel is a handsome wooden figure and ideal for making a ...
  • Ostheimer Hunter

    Ostheimer Hunter

    This Ostheimer huntsman is stylishly clad in a mossy green coat and ca...
  • Ostheimer Snow White

    Ostheimer Snow White

    This Ostheimer Snow White wooden figure will be a hit with young fans ...
  • Ostheimer Red Riding Hood

    Ostheimer Red Riding Hood

    Little Red Riding Hood is a classic children's story and young readers...
  • Ostheimer Dwarf Bodo

    Ostheimer Dwarf Bodo

    Bodo the Ostheimer dwarf has a cute red hat, a purple coat, blue trous...
  • Ostheimer Rose Quartz Dwarf

    Ostheimer Rose Quartz Dwarf

    This rose pink Ostheimer dwarf has a bright pink outfit and cap with a...
  • Ostheimer Ruby Dwarf

    Ostheimer Ruby Dwarf

    This red Ostheimer dwarf has a ruby coloured outfit and cap with a ful...
  • Ostheimer Topaz Dwarf

    Ostheimer Topaz Dwarf

    This Ostheimer dwarf is dressed in honey coloured clothing and a cap a...
  • Ostheimer Emerald Dwarf

    Ostheimer Emerald Dwarf

    This Ostheimer dwarf clad in emerald green clothing and a cap, with a ...
  • Ostheimer Crystal Dwarf

    Ostheimer Crystal Dwarf

    This beautiful blue Ostheimer dwarf has a sapphire blue outfit and cap...
  • Ostheimer Aquamarine Dwarf

    Ostheimer Aquamarine Dwarf

    This deep blue Ostheimer dwarf has a midnight blue outfit and cap with...
  • Ostheimer Bremer Donkey

    Ostheimer Bremer Donkey

    Retell the Brothers Grimm story of the Bremen musicians, with the Osth...
  • Ostheimer Bremer Dog

    Ostheimer Bremer Dog

    Retell the Brothers Grimm story of the Bremen musicians, with the Osth...
  • Ostheimer Bremer Cat

    Ostheimer Bremer Cat

    Retell the Brothers Grimm story of the Bremen musicians, with the Osth...
  • Ostheimer Bremer Rooster

    Ostheimer Bremer Rooster

    Retell the Brothers Grimm story of the Bremen musicians, with the Osth...

21 Item(s)

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