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Ostheimer Family & Farm

ostheimer figures

Waldorf wooden farm and family figures hand-crafted by Ostheimer. Have fun on the farm with this beautiful selection of farm birds and animals - and a family of farmers ready to tend to their every need. This beautiful world of farm animals encourages children to think imaginatively and develop their nurturing side as they muck out the animals, feed them, provide fresh bedding and collect eggs. With simple designs, delicate colours and smooth, tactile forms, these figures are perfect for small hands and come to life when children's imaginations are allowed to run free. All Ostheimer wooden figures are hand-made in Germany using sustainable wood and organic oils providing parents with peace of mind.

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  • Ostheimer Horse Stable

    Ostheimer Horse Stable

    Young horse riders will love this incredible two-storey equestrian sta...
  • Ostheimer Hutch - Rabbit/Geese

    Ostheimer Hutch - Rabbit/Geese

    Perfect for any animal that needs somewhere warm to stay, such as rabb...
  • Ostheimer Chicken House

    Ostheimer Chicken House

    Give chickens a cosy home with this wooden chicken house by Ostheimer....
  • Ostheimer Eating Sheep

    Ostheimer Eating Sheep

    This hungry Ostheimer sheep is bent over with her head to the ground, ...
  • Ostheimer Ram

    Ostheimer Ram

    This Ostheimer ram is an impressive wooden figure. The natural grain o...
  • Ostheimer Standing Sheep

    Ostheimer Standing Sheep

    This Ostheimer sheep is wonderfully simple - the grain of the wood mak...
  • Ostheimer Brown Standing Sheep

    Ostheimer Brown Standing Sheep

    This brown Ostheimer sheep is simple and stylish with a chocolate colo...
  • Ostheimer Standing Lamb

    Ostheimer Standing Lamb

    This sweet little Ostheimer lamb is standing upright - children will l...
  • Ostheimer Brown Standing Lamb

    Ostheimer Brown Standing Lamb

    This chocolate brown Ostheimer lamb is adorable. The grain of the wood...
  • Ostheimer Goat

    Ostheimer Goat

    This striking Ostheimer goat is made from solid, natural wood and whil...
  • Ostheimer Brown Cow Standing

    Ostheimer Brown Cow Standing

    Have fun on the farm with this gentle brown and white cow from Ostheim...
  • Ostheimer Brown Calf Standing

    Ostheimer Brown Calf Standing

    This brown Ostheimer calf has a sturdy figure with brown stained patch...
  • Ostheimer Ox

    Ostheimer Ox

    This gentle brown ox from Ostheimer is sitting down quietly - perfect ...
  • Ostheimer Piglet

    Ostheimer Piglet

    This Ostheimer piglet is cute and squirmy. He loves to snuggle up next...
  • Ostheimer Pig Head High

    Ostheimer Pig Head High

    This porky pig from Ostheimer will make children squeal with delight. ...
  • Ostheimer Pig Head Low

    Ostheimer Pig Head Low

    This lovely pink pig from Ostheimer has her head pointed down - there ...
  • Ostheimer Swimming Duck

    Ostheimer Swimming Duck

    This wooden duck has a flat bottom so as to create the illusion of swi...
  • Ostheimer Drake

    Ostheimer Drake

    Quack, quack! This delightful wooden drake makes a fantastic addition ...
  • Ostheimer Sitting Duck

    Ostheimer Sitting Duck

    Sitting and waiting to jump in the duck pond for a swim, or watching i...
  • Ostheimer Duckling

    Ostheimer Duckling

    A very cute, fluffy duckling that can take a dip in a pond, look for s...
  • Ostheimer Brown Hen on Nest

    Ostheimer Brown Hen on Nest

    Settling down on her egg until it's ready to hatch, this wooden brown ...
  • Ostheimer Ochre Standing Hen

    Ostheimer Ochre Standing Hen

    This ochre coloured hen has spotted something interesting on the groun...
  • Ostheimer White Rooster

    Ostheimer White Rooster

    Pecking on the ground for some chicken feed, this wooden white rooster...
  • Ostheimer Light Chick

    Ostheimer Light Chick

    This cute little chick is a bright yellow colour. We can imagine it ch...

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