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Ostheimer Forest & Meadow

ostheimer figures

Waldorf wooden forest and meadow figures hand-crafted by Ostheimer. Go down to the woods today for an Ostheimer surprise- there are frolicking deer, burrowing badgers, scampering squirrels, swooping birds, fish splashing in the pond and a whole lot more to discover. This stunning world of forest and field animals will inspire imaginative games and story-telling, with children creating imaginative worlds for their creatures to live in. With simple designs, delicate colours and smooth, tactile forms, these figures are perfect for small hands and come to life when children's imaginations are allowed to run free. All Ostheimer wooden figures are hand-made in Germany using sustainable wood and organic oils providing parents with peace of mind.

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  1. Ostheimer Pond - 2 Parts

    Ostheimer Pond - 2 Parts

    This wooden pond will help create a countryside, park or garden setting. You could add ducks, frogs, fish and other water birds to teach your little one about wildlife. ...find out more
  2. Ostheimer Pheasant

    Ostheimer Pheasant

    This Ostheimer pheasant has a colourful plumage - a red head, blue neck and brown wings with detailed markings. Hand painted details bring this wooden pheasant figure to life and children will love to ...find out more
  3. Ostheimer Rabbit Running

    Ostheimer Rabbit Running

    This cute Ostheimer bunny rabbit is on the run! Can he smell some tasty radishes on the breeze? Or perhaps it's the scent of Mr Fox that's got him worried! This wooden rabbit is a lovely golden b ...find out more
  4. Ostheimer Sitting Rabbit

    Ostheimer Sitting Rabbit

    Twitching its nose as it sits and watches its brothers and sisters play, this cute little rabbit is brown with long ears and a fluffy white cottontail. Create your own Peter Rabbit story sack, or add ...find out more
  5. Ostheimer Rabbit With Ears Up

    Ostheimer Rabbit With Ears Up

    What could this rabbit have heard to make it prick its ears up?! Up on its hind legs, it's trying to get a better sniff of something, or even getting ready to jump. This cute little bunny will be a gr ...find out more
  6. Ostheimer Small Rabbit

    Ostheimer Small Rabbit

    This cute little Ostheimer rabbit looks so warm and snuggly, with its legs tucked underneath, and ears back and relaxed ready for a little nap. The smooth wood is the perfect material to make this Wal ...find out more
  7. Ostheimer Rabbit With Ears Low

    Ostheimer Rabbit With Ears Low

    This sweet Ostheimer bunny rabbit is standing upright with his pink nose up in the air and his ears right down. Can he smell some tasty radishes on the breeze? Or perhaps it's the scent of Mr Fox that ...find out more
  8. Ostheimer Small Sitting Fox

    Ostheimer Small Sitting Fox

    This small wooden Ostheimer fox is in a sitting position with her ears flicked back - what can she hear? Perhaps it's a tasty hen clucking away on an egg. This gorgeous fox cub has a simple design wit ...find out more
  9. Ostheimer Running Fox

    Ostheimer Running Fox

    This wooden Ostheimer fox is built for speed with an arched back, tail outstretched and pricked ears. Children will love to take this nimble fox out for a run across the open fields, through the woods ...find out more
  10. Ostheimer Sitting Fox

    Ostheimer Sitting Fox

    This wooden Ostheimer fox is sitting down with its front paws out in front and its hind legs melted into its body for a simple effect. Children will enjoy deciding whether the fox is waiting to pounce ...find out more
  11. Ostheimer Small Creeping Fox

    Ostheimer Small Creeping Fox

    This orange small fox is creeping along, looking for something tasty to hunt for lunch. Your child might also pretend it's sleeping or running - it's realistic enough to look like a fox, but not presc ...find out more
  12. Ostheimer Small Running Fox

    Ostheimer Small Running Fox

    This small wooden Ostheimer fox is quick and nimble, her ears are pricked up and her tail is out behind her. Her limbs are outstretched - where will your child make her run to? Across open fields, thr ...find out more
  13. Ostheimer Lying Down Fawn

    Ostheimer Lying Down Fawn

    Lying down, looking behind at something that has caught its eye, this young Ostheimer fawn is beautiful to look at and play with. Made from sustainable wood, stained with non-toxic paint which allow t ...find out more
  14. Ostheimer Red Deer Eating

    Ostheimer Red Deer Eating

    This beautiful wooden Ostheimer deer is a chestnut red and is a gentle soul with a rounded back, stooping low to nibble on tasty grass. Children will love to take this Waldorf deer out into the forest ...find out more
  15. Ostheimer Standing Fawn

    Ostheimer Standing Fawn

    This stunning young wooden fawn is standing in the woodland, no doubt with its mother close by in case they need to run from danger. Create a magical winter woodland scene with trees, a family of deer ...find out more
  16. Ostheimer Small Deer With Head Low

    Ostheimer Small Deer With Head Low

    This beautiful small deer has flecks of white spots on its brown body. Made from sustainable wood and painted with non-toxic paint, it makes a wonderful eco gift or addition to a woodland scene, with ...find out more
  17. Ostheimer Standing Deer

    Ostheimer Standing Deer

    This beautiful Ostheimer wooden deer is standing in a meadow, always alert in case of predators. It could help create a magical winter forest scene, or prance across the meadow with its young. 7.5cm h ...find out more
  18. Ostheimer Male Deer

    Ostheimer Male Deer

    This male roe deer is a beautiful Ostheimer buck with a chocolate brown hide and natural wood antlers. This roe buck has an arched frame with delicate painted features and is perfect for adding to a h ...find out more
  19. Ostheimer Red Deer Stag

    Ostheimer Red Deer Stag

    This majestic wooden Ostheimer stag is a chestnut red and has an impressive set of antlers. His head is tilted back as he bellows a warning call to anyone threatening his herd of deer. Strong and powe ...find out more
  20. Ostheimer Deer Eating

    Ostheimer Deer Eating

    This hungry deer is a sweet shade of chocolate brown with a stylish back, arching over to nibble the grass. This Ostheimer deer has cute pointed ears with delicate painted features. Team up with a her ...find out more
  21. Ostheimer Small Hedgehog

    Ostheimer Small Hedgehog

    An adorable teeny tiny wooden hedgehog (2cm tall) that could be used as a baby hedgehog. Snuffling round at a night for a juicy worm or two, hedgehogs loving heading out on nighttime adventures. ...find out more
  22. Ostheimer Hedgehog

    Ostheimer Hedgehog

    This cute hedgehog can be seen snuffling around your garden or local woodland, looking for some tasty bugs or leaves to make a new home. Carved entirely from wood, their spikes are enhanced by handpai ...find out more
  23. Ostheimer Standing Sea Otter

    Ostheimer Standing Sea Otter

    Go for a swim in a Waldorf water world with this Ostheimer otter. Standing up, he likes to look out over the water for an ideal spot to jump in for a splash and a swim. Still found in the wilds of Sco ...find out more
  24. Ostheimer Running Sea Otter

    Ostheimer Running Sea Otter

    With its beautiful curved body, flat tail and cute face with big eyes and twitching whiskers, this Ostheimer wooden otter won't be far from the water's edge. It can dive right through the water to fin ...find out more
  25. Ostheimer Small Swimming Sea Otter

    Ostheimer Small Swimming Sea Otter

    Swimming on its back, this small wooden otter isn't going anywhere fast, but is perfectly happy splashing and floating about in the water. It can even have a snooze like this if it wraps itself in som ...find out more

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