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Ostheimer Trees & Landscape

ostheimer figures

Waldorf wooden trees and landscape figures hand-crafted by Ostheimer. Set the scene for a collection of beautiful Walorf animals with trees and bushes from Ostheimer. They're not just pretty greenery - trees and shrubs will offer shelter to animals, their leaves provide tasty snacks and the branches provide homes for birds, and can also be used with nativity scenes, train sets and play towns too. We love the real solid wood of Ostheimer figures and having a tree or two reminds children of the materials used to produce their beautiful toys. With simple designs, delicate colours and smooth, tactile forms, these figures are perfect for small hands and come to life when children's imaginations are allowed to run free. All Ostheimer wooden figures are hand-made in Germany using sustainable wood and organic oils providing parents with peace of mind.

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  1. Ostheimer Pond - 2 Parts

    Ostheimer Pond - 2 Parts

    This wooden pond will help create a countryside, park or garden setting. You could add ducks, frogs, fish and other water birds to teach your little one about wildlife. ...find out more
  2. Ostheimer Bridge With Railing

    Ostheimer Bridge With Railing

    Set the scene for imaginary play with this beautifully crafted wooden bridge. This Waldorf bridge is perfect for crossing over streams and waterways on a toy farm and in woodland scenes and fun for a ...find out more
  3. Ostheimer Meadow - 4 Pieces

    Ostheimer Meadow - 4 Pieces

    Create fields, meadows and hills for all the animals on your child's toy farm with this four-piece set of grass plates. Lay them out flat to make different fields to keep animals apart, or stack them ...find out more
  4. Ostheimer Pond Plates - 2 Parts

    Ostheimer Pond Plates - 2 Parts

    Create ponds and water-ways with this two-part pond set - setting the scene for a toy farm or polar scene. Lay them out flat to make different ponds to keep all the animals happy. Made from solid wood ...find out more
  5. Ostheimer Ice Flow 4 Parts

    Ostheimer Ice Flow 4 Parts

    Create frozen lakes, ponds and holes in the polar ice cap with this four-part set of jagged, icy water features. This Ostheimer ice set is perfect for a toy farm in winter or Arctic and Antarctic scen ...find out more
  6. Ostheimer Dark Green Bush

    Ostheimer Dark Green Bush

    This tall, tear-shaped Ostheimer bush is dark green and waving in the breeze. This Waldorf bush is a great way to create a sense of place with a collection of farm or woodland animals, and provide she ...find out more
  7. Ostheimer Middle Green Bush

    Ostheimer Middle Green Bush

    This green Ostheimer bush is a leafy shrub that is perfect for setting the scene on a Waldorf farm or woodland animal collection. This Waldorf bush has a natural curve and sloping edges that are wonde ...find out more
  8. Ostheimer Grass

    Ostheimer Grass

    This 3 piece set of Ostheimer wooden grass will be central to so many stories and scenes: a meadow, busy farm or your local park. All the grass blades are different heights, just like real grass. A se ...find out more
  9. Ostheimer Small Spruce

    Ostheimer Small Spruce

    Create a winter wonderland with this small Ostheimer spruce - perfect for a Christmas or winter seasonal display and woodland animal collection. This Ostheimer tree has a stylish, asymmetric shape and ...find out more
  10. Ostheimer Tall Spruce With Trunk & Support

    Ostheimer Tall Spruce With Trunk & Support

    This Ostheimer spruce is a stunning wooden tree figure that goes perfectly with a woodland collection and Scandi Christmas display. This Ostheimer tree has a long trunk, dark green needles and a separ ...find out more
  11. Ostheimer Birch

    Ostheimer Birch

    We love this Ostheimer birch tree - it has a whimsical shape a bit like a mushroom, a lime green canopy with a natural wood trunk and a dark integral base. Add this tree to a collection of wooden anim ...find out more
  12. Ostheimer Oak

    Ostheimer Oak

    This Ostheimer oak is a handy way to create a natural environment for a collection of wooden animals. It has a dark brown, chunky trunk and a deep mossy green canopy, with no separate base needed. Add ...find out more
  13. Ostheimer Linden

    Ostheimer Linden

    Add some greenery to your animal collection with this Linden tree, it's perfect for birds to perch on and for farm animals to shelter beneath. Commonly known as a lime tree in the UK, this tree has a ...find out more
  14. Ostheimer Spruce

    Ostheimer Spruce

    This Ostheimer spruce is a lovely, simple Walfdorf tree and is perfect for creating a winter display and adding a backdrop for a collection of Ostheimer forest animals. This Ostheimer tree is slim wit ...find out more
  15. Ostheimer Apple Tree

    Ostheimer Apple Tree

    A wooden apple tree with red juicy apples ready for picking! Add to a farm, garden or forest scene, teach your children about the changing seasons and what animals might live here. 12cm high. ...find out more
  16. Ostheimer Palm I & Support

    Ostheimer Palm I & Support

    This lone palm tree has a slim natural wooden trunk and fronds stained dark green and is a great way to bring a touch of the exotic to your Ostheimer collection. Perfect for setting the scene at a Chr ...find out more
  17. Ostheimer Tree Support Palm Tree I & II

    Ostheimer Tree Support Palm Tree I & II

    Give some support to your Ostheimer palm trees (type I and II) with this wooden support. It's handy to pop the palm tree on this support when young children are playing and moving the palm tree around ...find out more
  18. Ostheimer Tree Support Palm Tree Group

    Ostheimer Tree Support Palm Tree Group

    Give some support to your Ostheimer group of palm trees with this wooden support. It's handy to pop the palm trees on this support when young children are playing and moving the palm tree around, to p ...find out more

18 Item(s)

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