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Children just love to play make believe games and our high quality wooden toy kitchens and accessories are ideal for playing with at home, in school and in nurseries. We absolutely love our Solid Alder Wood Play Kitchen that's been hand crafted in Germany to a very high standard and we have lots of play food, from knitted fruit and vegetables to food made from wood and fabric, that children will adore.

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  • Plan Toys 5 Colours Veggie Set

    Plan Toys 5 Colours Veggie Set

    Encourage your children to eat their veg with this Plan Toys Coloured ...
  • Plan Toys Wonky Fruit & Vegetables

    Plan Toys Wonky Fruit & Vegetables

    Fight the war on food waste and encourage children to eat their veg wi...
  • Plan Toys Portable Kitchen

    Plan Toys Portable Kitchen

    Budding chefs can now cook wherever they like with this mini portable ...
  • Plan Toys Kitchen Set

    Plan Toys Kitchen Set

    Cook up a whole range of tasty treats with this fab wooden kitchen set...
  • Plan Toys Sink & Fridge

    Plan Toys Sink & Fridge

    This fantastic wooden fridge, sink and kitchen storage toy is a great ...
  • Plan Toys Neo Kitchen

    Plan Toys Neo Kitchen

    Budding chefs will love this fab wooden play kitchen with a sink, twin...
  • Grimm's Telephone With Bell

    Grimm's Telephone With Bell

    Ring, ring! Who's calling?This toy telephone has a natural wood finish...
  • Glückskäfer Dust Brush

    Glückskäfer Dust Brush

    Children will love to clean up their playroom and make everything spic...
  • Gluckskafer Pressing Iron

    Gluckskafer Pressing Iron

    This wooden toy iron is perfect for children who like to copy mum and ...
  • Glückskäfer Red Dust Pan

    Glückskäfer Red Dust Pan

    Keep everything clean and tidy with this red metal dust pan that's jus...
  • Gluckskafer Ironing Board

    Gluckskafer Ironing Board

    This folding wooden ironing board makes a great toy for children who l...
  • Gluckskafer Clothes Horse

    Gluckskafer Clothes Horse

    This folding wooden clothes horse makes a great toy for children who l...
  • Glückskäfer Cash Register

    Glückskäfer Cash Register

    This wooden cash register is an essential toy for children who love to...
  • Plan Toys Veggie Set

    Plan Toys Veggie Set

    This gorgeous veggie set from Plan Toys consists of a bell pepper, sha...
  • Plan Toys Fruit set

    Plan Toys Fruit set

    A set of 3 choppable fruits from Plan Toys. This set consists of a str...
  • Plan Toys Sandwich Meal

    Plan Toys Sandwich Meal

    Feeling peckish? Make a tasty lunch of a sandwich and fruit with this ...
  • Plan Toys Ice Cream Set

    Plan Toys Ice Cream Set

    Who wants an ice cream? Children will love to serve up a scoop of yumm...
  • Plan Toys Tea Set Natural

    Plan Toys Tea Set Natural

    It's time for a tea party with this adorable natural wooden tea set fr...
  • Plan Toys Tea Set

    Plan Toys Tea Set

    It's always time for tea with this colourful eco tea set. Little child...
  • Erzi Slice of Bread

    Erzi Slice of Bread

    This freshly sliced piece of bread is dark brown around the edges and ...
  • Erzi Swiss Cheese

    Erzi Swiss Cheese

    Make cheese sandwiches and jazz up grilled vegetables with this fun sl...
  • Erzi Plum

    Erzi Plum

    This juicy purple plum is a lovely bit of wooden play food that childr...
  • Erzi Strawberry

    Erzi Strawberry

    One strawberry is included per sale. This juicy strawberry is a tasty ...
  • Erzi Mushroom

    Erzi Mushroom

    This little button mushroom looks incredibly realistic and is a lovely...
  • Erzi Half Kiwi Fruit

    Erzi Half Kiwi Fruit

    This juicy kiwi fruit half is a fun wooden play food toy that children...
  • Erzi Yellow Pepper

    Erzi Yellow Pepper

    This fresh and crunchy yellow pepper is a great piece of wooden play f...
  • Erzi Bread Roll

    Erzi Bread Roll

    This freshly baked bread roll is a great wooden play food toy for litt...
  • Erzi Corn Cob

    Erzi Corn Cob

    What could be better than crunchy corn on the cob, slathered in butter...
  • Erzi Lemon

    Erzi Lemon

    This juicy wooden lemon looks incredibly realistic and will be a hit w...
  • Erzi Green Pear

    Erzi Green Pear

    This wooden pear is a healthy, tasty play food snack for children to e...
  • Erzi Tomato

    Erzi Tomato

    This wooden tomato is an essential piece of play food is perfect for l...
  • Erzi Knife

    Erzi Knife

    Chop up play food and enjoy eating a meal made with tasty wooden food ...
  • Erzi Teaspoon

    Erzi Teaspoon

    Spoon sugar into your tea, eat yoghurt and feed dolls and teddies porr...
  • Erzi Carrot

    Erzi Carrot

    This wooden carrot will be loved by children when playing shop and coo...
  • Erzi Spoon

    Erzi Spoon

    Clear your plate of play food with this wooden spoon. This solid wood ...
  • Erzi Doughnut

    Erzi Doughnut

    Mmm, doughnuts! This soft ring doughnut is covered in sugar and is a y...
  • Erzi Butter

    Erzi Butter

    This pack of Irish butter is a wooden play food essential. This block ...
  • Erzi Fork

    Erzi Fork

    Enjoy eating a meal of tasty wooden play food with this play fork. Thi...
  • Erzi Cotton Bag

    Erzi Cotton Bag

    This natural cotton bag with illustrations of play food on the side is...
  • Erzi Green Apple

    Erzi Green Apple

    Who doesn't love a crunchy apple? This gorgeous green wooden apple is ...
  • Erzi Small Broccoli

    Erzi Small Broccoli

    Rustle up a stir fry with this fresh green floret of broccoli, a lovel...
  • Erzi Cucumber

    Erzi Cucumber

    Add this lovely Erzi cucumber to your child's play shop, kitchen or ma...
  • Erzi Red Pepper

    Erzi Red Pepper

    This crunchy red pepper is a great piece of wooden play food that look...
  • Erzi Pair Of Cherries

    Erzi Pair Of Cherries

    These two juicy cherries are tasty wooden play food. Children will lov...
  • Erzi Orange

    Erzi Orange

    This juicy orange is a great bit of wooden play food and will be fun i...
  • Erzi Green & Red Pear

    Erzi Green & Red Pear

    This green and red wooden pear looks really life-like with warm, tonal...
  • Erzi Raspberry Ice Lolly

    Erzi Raspberry Ice Lolly

    This heart-shaped wooden ice lolly is a refreshing play food treat for...
  • Erzi Egg To Cut

    Erzi Egg To Cut

    Make a wooden egg salad with this hard boiled egg play food that can b...

Items 1 to 48 of 137 total

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