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MÜHLE Companion Razor
MÜHLE Companion Razor MÜHLE Companion Razor MÜHLE Companion Razor MÜHLE Companion Razor MÜHLE Companion Razor MÜHLE Companion Razor

MÜHLE Companion Razor

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Introducing a gentle eco-friendly way to shave, MÜHLE Companion Razor has an extra protective top plate above the blade to protect you from any accidental scratches or nicksRead more

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MÜHLE Companion Safety Razor

Introducing a gentle eco-friendly way to shave. The MÜHLE Companion Razor is an elegant and stylish shaver, with a protective top plate and rails on either side to protect you from any accidental scratches or nicks. This razor is expertly designed by the best, with a longer neck, and a non-slip handle, making this an ideal razor for precision shaving whether it's legs, head, neck or shoulders. This shaver also comes with a double sided razor blade - ideal for longevity and quicker shaving. 

The design of this Companion Razor is a large ridged fingerprint across the matt metal handle of this high quality razor, to provide you with a good firm grip when shaving. The companion features rails on either side of the top plate, enabling you to find the ideal angle depending on the body part you are shaving, and blade exposure is kept to a minimum to ensure a close, yet gentle shave. Choose from a variety of customisable handle colours!


  • Quality long lasting materials
  • Made in Germany
  • Rust resistant
  • Provided with a single classic blade
  • Measurements 112mm x 49m
  • Weight 64g
  • Use of MÜHLE rust proof razor blades recommended

Expertly made using only the finest materials, these safety razors are available in a range of colours and are highly rust resistant and durable and look elegant and stylish. One safety razor could last a life time – saving you money and helping to prevent unnecessary plastic going to landfill.

The razors are easy to use, and once you’ve got the hang of it they’re extremely comfortable, the fixed blade is also excellent for precision trimming. Requiring less pressure than standard razors, the single double-edged blade of this safety razor will give you a close, comfortable shave. Reducing the irritation, razor burn and other not so nice side effects of shaving.

The blades are made from pure stainless steel, which makes them more durable and keeps the blade sharper for longer, causing less irritation. The blades are also fully recyclable, but you’ll need to check with your local council to find the safest way to recycle them.

Expertly crafted in Saxony, Germany, MÜHLE safety razors are the perfect way to introduce zero waste shaving to your bathroom. Made using only the highest quality materials and stainless steel, MÜHLE safety razors are designed to last a life time and will look fantastic in your bathroom, say good bye to disposable plastic razors and introduce a stylish eco-friendly alternative. Safety razors are an easy way save you money, cut down on your plastic consumption and your waste too. We’re impressed by the traditional vibe combined with impressive build quality that produces a shave equal to or better than the brands you may be used to. Give them a try, you won’t go back.

MÜHLE Safety Razors and accessories at Babi Pur


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