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Petit Lulu Pull-Up Wool Covers - Large
Petit Lulu Pull-Up Wool Covers - Large

Petit Lulu Pull-Up Wool Covers - Large

This large Petit Lulu wool pull up nappy cover is made from 100% Merino wool which is highly breathable, leakproof and soft and gentle on baby’s skin, to be usedRead more
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Petit Lulu Pull-Up Wool Covers - Large

This large Petit Lulu wool pull up nappy cover is made from 100% Merino wool which is highly breathable, leakproof and soft and gentle on baby’s skin, to be used over an absorbent fitted nappy. With a little care and maintenance these wool nappy covers have excellent moisture regulation all day and great for overnight use, simply pull this cover up over your absorbent fitted nappy. Designed for use with Petit Lulu fitted nappies or prefolds secured with a Snappi clip, but will work with many other brands of nappies and inserts too. 

A large nappy cover to fit babies 12-16kg. This Petit Lulu pull up wool cover is made from soft 100% merino wool which is naturally antibacterial and doesn’t retain odours, ideal for little ones with very sensitive skin. With two layers of merino wool with extra third layer between the legs these wool wraps form an effective water resistant barrier. Seams are sewn outwards to prevent rubbing for extra comfort and leaves no marks on the skin. The merino wool waistband is gentle on baby’s legs and tummy. This is a great choice for wriggly, active babies, when a super quick nappy change is needed – just pull up and go!

The wool cover is made of 100% merino wool and so needs very careful and gentle maintenance. It needs to be washed and lanolised properly before first use – lanolin is what helps the wool  become waterproof. Since lanolised wool has an amazing self-cleaning and antibacterial qualities, you can just let the cover air dry between uses and if not soiled and wash every 2-3 weeks. Lanolising can be done less frequently – about every 4-6 weeks.

  • Available in three sizes : Small, Medium and Large.
  • No Hook & Loop or snaps to fiddle with – just pull it up and go!
  • Material: 100% merino wool (incl. the waistbands)

Petit Lulu Wool covers designed to be loose fitting and also come up quite small so size up if you're unsure. Size guides are approximate.



Waist Girth

Thigh Girth



ca. 6-10 kg

30-46 cm

17-28 cm

53 cm


ca. 9-13 kg

34-52 cm

22-36 cm

55 cm


ca. 12-16 kg

40-58 cm

25-38 cm

57 cm

* Rise is including the waistband


  • We recommend hand wash at 30°C maximum (ideally inside out) in a proper detergent for wool.
  • No softeners.
  • Imprortant: The less you wash the better.
  • Air dry away from direct heat.

When washing, just rub the cover gently – no rough scrubbing. If soiled, use a mild, wool friendly soap. After washing, gently squeeze excess water out and roll it in a towel to get even more moisture out (no rough wringing), and air dry. 

Please note that the wool cover will shrink after first wash of about 4 cm in its rise.


You will need to lanolise after first wash before use and then as necessary (about every 4-6 weeks). Lanolising is done right after the wash:

Drain the water and gently squeeze some water from the wool cover. Melt a teaspoonful of lanolin in a glass of hot tap water, add a few drops of shampoo and swirl it around to get a white emulsion. Submerge the cover in the sink or bowl – the water should be room temperature – and add the lanolin emulsion you have just prepared (the final solution must be 30°C maximum). Submerge the wool cover and let it soak for about 4 hours. Gently squeeze excess water out, roll it in a towel and let air dry (see above).

Petit Lulu reusable nappies are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic using organic cotton, bamboo and Oeko-Tex certified fabrics. Created by Lucie and Lukáš in 2012, Petit Lulu have grown and established themselves as a quality reusable nappy brand. These great quality and robust nappies are loved for their absorbency and reliability, as well as their fun and playful prints. Our range of Petit Lulu includes super absorbent night time nappies, wool wrap covers, pull up covers, easy to use all-in-one nappies and accessories. Also included are reusable period pads in some fun colours and prints, breast pads, make-up wipes and cloth wipes. Great reusable products for babies and parents at Babipur.

Petit Lulu reusable cloth nappies


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