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Musical Instruments

Musical toys and instruments for babies and children to enjoy different sounds and rhythm. Wooden toys produce a wonderful sound, and from a young age babies love to experiment with different noises and beats - choose from our range of sustainable wooden musical instruments to stimulate your childs senses.
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35 Items

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  1. Plan Toys Clatter Orchard
  2. Plan Toys Oval Xylophone Orchard
  3. Plan Toys Natural Solid Drum
  4. Plan Toys Solid Drum
  5. Plan Toys Double Drum
  6. Plan Toys Banjolele
    Plan Toys Banjolele
  7. Plan Toys Kazoo
    Plan Toys Kazoo
  8. Plan Toys Fish Castanet
  9. Plan Toys Rain Maker
    Plan Toys Rain Maker
  10. Plan Toys Rhythm Box 2
  11. Plan Toys Rhythm Box
    Plan Toys Rhythm Box
  12. Magic Wood Giant Marble Tree 150cm
  13. Magic Wood Large Marble Tree 72cm
  14. Magic Wood Small Marble Tree 48cm
  15. Magic Wood Mini Marble Tree 38cm
  16. Auris 12 String Lyre Guitar
  17. Auris Children’s My Little Lyre  Lyre – 7 String
  18. Auris Block Pentatonic Glockenspiel – 7 Note
  19. Auris Block Diatonic Glockenspiel – 8 Note
  20. Auris Pentatonic Xylophone – 7 Note
  21. Auris Diatonic Xylophone – 12 Note
  22. Auris Baby Marimba – 6 Note
  23. Auris Pentatonic Marimba – 8 + 3 Note Set
  24. Auris Children’s Lyre – 7 String
  25. Myum Paul Pear handmade crochet toy with its pull string toy extended on a white background
  26. Myum handmade crochet mummy avocado and her baby seed laid out on a white background
  27. Myum handmade crochet ringo apple music toy with the tongue string pulled out on a white background
  28. Plan Toys Big Drum II with a red and blue zig zag pattern, adjustable cotton carrying handle and two wooden drumsticks. White background.
  29. Plan Toys Whale Whistle
  30. Plan Toys Clatter
    Plan Toys Clatter
  31. Plan Toys Concertina
    Plan Toys Concertina
  32. Plan Toys Oval Xylophone
  33. Plan Toys Banjo
    Plan Toys Banjo
  34. Plan Toys Musical Band
  35. Plan Toys Melody Xylophone
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