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9 piece Naef wooden stacking rainbow on a white background.
9 piece Naef wooden stacking rainbow on a white background. Naef wooden rainbow toy assembled in a flat, swirling pattern allowing small orange ball to roll in a circular motion along its groves. 9 arches of Naef's wooden rainbow toy upturned in a half pipe shape, being used as a xylophone on a white background. 9 piece Naef wooden rainbow stacked on top of each other to form a colourful tower on a white background. 9 pieces of Naef's wooden rainbow toy scattered to make a chicken shaped figure on a white background Naef stacking rainbow toy pieces lined up upside down on a white background. Naef rainbow on a white background with orange ball and wooden xylophone stick. 9 pieces of Naef's stacking wooden rainbow upturned on a white background.

Naef Stacking Musical Rainbow

Naef's wooden stacking Rainbow is a 9 piece set of multicoloured arches, precisely engineered for perfect curves and edges. This toy has endless shape possibilities and can even be usedRead more
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Naef 9-piece Stacking Wooden Rainbow

Naef's stacking wooden Rainbow is a 9-piece set of multicoloured arches, precisely engineered for perfect curves and edges. The high standard of manufacture ensures each arch slots together flawlessly. This makes for a very satisfying stacking and building experience with added freedom to build more complex and exciting shapes.

Each coloured arch is cut evenly, keeping a consistent thickness and curve throughout. That allows this rainbow toy to be used as a Xylophone! The differing lengths of wood allows each arch to produce a different note that can be played consistently across the arches surface. It's a true luxury bonus to this toy and will give the chance to explore audio stimulation as well as visual.

Naef's clean and simplistic design, combined with its vibrance and positivity, gives the Rainbow toy huge visual appeal and is a wonderful decorative feature when not in use.

  • 9-piece set
  • Perfectly formed curved wooden construction
  • Multicoloured high quality paint
  • Multi-purposed as a ball run and xylophone
  • Diameter = 25cm

Schematic Play: Positioning - This toy focuses on arranging and stacking shapes.

Sensory Play: Improves tripod grip, fine motor skills and spatial thinking.

Suitable for ages 3+

With over 60 years of manufacturing experience, Naef is a family-run Swiss wooden toy manufacturer, recognised for their precision engineering, impeccable craftsmanship and high quality products. Created by Kurt Naef in the 1950's, Naef has pushed toy innovation with unique wooden designs often inspired by shapes, patterns and other popular design movements.

Their full range of wooden toys are manufactured using sustainable European wood, paints and varnishes. Each toy's components are meticulously sanded and tested to within one tenth of a millimetre of its specified tolerance, ensuring the upmost quality and durability. These products are built to last.

The emphasis on precision with the Naef brand reflects in their products. Perfect surfaces and joins allow for full freedom and creativity during play - an engaging and enjoyable experience for people of all ages. All of their toys have a distinct aesthetic and are very decorative pieces that appeal to everyone.

As part of their work, Naef have developed strong ties with the charity 'Enfants du Monde' (Children of the World) who are a Swiss organisation, working on improving children's education and health care in less economically developed countries. They help to fund for child learning through education programs, teacher and health care staff training, as well as supporting locals with on-site medical care. Naef contribute to Enfants du Monde, donating 10% of all proceeds from baby products from their online store.

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