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GLÜCKSKÄFER specialize in beautiful toys made in Europe from natural materials such as sustainable FSC/PEFC wood and wool. Here at Babipur we love the wooden toy shapes and stackers that have been hand made with a child’s creativity and imagination in mind. The solid wood play kitchens are beautifully and simply designed to encourage children to role play and create their own little worlds and surroundings. GLÜCKSKÄFER toys are beautifully crafted following Waldorf and Montessori philosophies that encourage children to discover creative play independently.
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  1. Glückskäfer Felting Wool 25g
  2. Glückskäfer Large Flower Press
  3. Glückskäfer Felting Wool
  4. Glückskäfer 4x Felting Needle Holder
  5. Glückskäfer 1x Felting Needle Holder
  6. Glückskäfer Six Felting Needles
  7. Glückskäfer Pear Tree Stacker
  8. Glückskäfer Mushroom House
  9. Glückskäfer Crooked Tower
  10. Glückskäfer Purple Sunrise Set
  11. Glückskäfer Blue Sunrise Set
  12. Glückskäfer Natural Grotto
  13. Glückskäfer Blue Grotto
  14. Glückskäfer 6-Piece Fir Tree
  15. Gluckskafer Rainbow Bridge
  16. Gluckskafer Yellow Sunray Arch
  17. Gluckskafer Bird Stacker
  18. Gluckskafer Fish Tower Stacker
  19. Gluckskafer Dolphin
    Gluckskafer Dolphin
  20. Gluckskafer Bird Tree Light Green
  21. Gluckskafer Gable House Red
  22. Gluckskafer Birthday Train
  23. Glückskäfer Blue 3 Piece Garden Tool Set
  24. Glückskäfer Red 3 Piece Garden Tool Set
  25. Gluckskafer red and blue metal beach sand toy set on a white background
  26. Glückskäfer Metal Red Hoe - 60cm
  27. Glückskäfer Metal Red Rake - 60cm
  28. Glückskäfer Red Metal Spade
  29. Glückskäfer Metal Blue Rake - 26cm
  30. Glückskäfer Metal Red Rake - 26cm
  31. Glückskäfer Round Metal Blue Shovel
  32. Glückskäfer Round Metal Red Shovel
  33. Glückskäfer Square Metal Blue Shovel
  34. Glückskäfer Square Metal Red Shovel
  35. Glückskäfer Yellow Metal Bucket
  36. Glückskäfer Blue Metal Bucket
  37. Glückskäfer Green Metal Bucket
  38. Glückskäfer Red Metal Bucket
  39. Glückskäfer 64 Building Slats In Flat Box
  40. Glückskäfer 27 Piece Building Blocks Set
  41. Glückskäfer Green 8 Piece Arch House
  42. Glückskäfer Cubes Quadrat Kit
  43. Glückskäfer 29-Piece Church Blocks
  44. Glückskäfer Red 8 Piece Arch House
  45. Glückskäfer 17 Small Natural Blocks
  46. Glückskäfer 17 Large Natural Blocks
  47. Glückskäfer 17 Large Coloured Blocks
  48. Glückskäfer 20-Piece Small Toscana Blocks
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