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Troubleshoot Your Klean Kanteen



We love Klean Kanteen here at Babipur. The original steel reusable water bottle, outstanding quality and great design. 

If you're having some problems with your Klean Kanteen, we're here to help. We've put together a few handy guides so you can troubleshoot and test your Klean Kanteen at home. We get a lot of questions about how to get the most out of your insulated bottles or whether they're performing as they should.

Holding Temperature - Insulated Bottles

Klean Kanteen insulated bottles such as the TKWide are some of the best performing bottles available. It's good to understand how to get the best performance from your bottle and the science behind how they work. Insulated bottles are double walled and in between the two walls is a vacuum which heat cannot pass through and so the hot liquid is essentially trapped inside the bottle. 

Fill your bottle as high as possible with hot/cold liquid for best performance, this displaces any air which is at room temperature. If you half fill a bottle then the extra air inside will heat/cool the liquid.

If you fill a bottle with tap temperature water and then put two ice cubes in, you can expect the ice to melt pretty quickly as the water temperature is higher causing the ice to melt. If you fill a bottle with just ice and no water you can expect the ice to remain solid for many many hours which isn't much good for drinking. 

The primary source of heat/cold loss is through the cap which is not insulated so you can expect the cap and top of the bottle to feel hot/cold to the touch. For the ultimate in insulation the loop cap for the TKWide is actually insulated.

Larger bottles stay hot/cold for longer! There's a larger volume of hot/cold liquid and acomparatively smaller space at the top for the heat/cold to escape. 


Testing your Insulated Klean Kanteen


✓ Outside of the bottle remains at room temperature
✓ Contents inside stays hot
✓ Cap and around the cap are warm to touch (this is because the cap is not insulated)

Not Normal

✗ Lower half of the bottle is warm / hot to touch when the bottle is filled with hot water
✗ Contents cools quickly and doesn't hold it's temperature for long

Simple insulation test: Fill your insulated bottle with very hot water and put the cap on. Wait 10 minutes. if the lower half of the outside of the bottle is hot to the touch then the insualtion of the bottle has failed. 

Is this covered under warranty? Any manufacturing fault is covered under warranty, if you send us an email with the details we will arrange a replacement for you. Please be aware that insulation can fail if a bottle is dropped or damaged and such failures are not covered under warranty, in this case we suggest you continue to make use of the bottle, just without the benefit of the insulation. 

Leaky Cafe Cap

The Klean Kanteen Cafe cap is unique in its design. A quick release easy open leak proof cap perfect for hot drinks on the go. The clever design does require a little extra care when it comes to assembly.

If you have a TKWide Cafe Cap that leaks, there's a good chance it's just been put together incorrectly. Taking the cap apart and reassembling it will usually solve the problem! Here's a handy video showing you how to take the cap apart, clean and reassemble it. If you cap still leaks after doing this, please get in touch with our customer service team who'll be happy to help. If you find that liquid is not coming out of the cap then try twisting the bottle to the side just a little. 

If you notice some liquid 'leaking' after you've just used the bottle and closed it again - this is usually perfectly normal. Though it should only be a few drops!

Don't forget, if you have a faulty cap, you only need to send the cap back to us, not the whole bottle.