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Magic Wood

Magic Wood have created a range of natural, bark covered wooden toys that will spark creativity and imaginative play, with sustainability at their heart. With over 25 years of experience making high quality wooden toys, the Magic Wood workshop produces a range of open-ended wooden play bricks and dolls treehouses from FSC wood and reclaimed branches – no trees are felled to produce many of these toys. Based in Poland near the German border, Magic Wood employs 30 highly skilled carpenters and painters, as well as around 50 homeworkers to produce their beautiful toys. Bring your child in touch with nature with these wonderfully tactile wooden toys.
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44 Items

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  1. Magic Wood Double Spiral Mobile
  2. Magic Wood Spiral Mobile
  3. Magic Wood Star Dancer Mobile
  4. Magic Wood Harmony Hearts Mobile
  5. Magic Wood Harmony Planets Mobile
  6. Magic Wood Dolphin Wings Mobile
  7. Magic Wood Large Harmony Wings Mobile
  8. Magic Wood Medium Harmony Wings Mobile
  9. Magic Wood Small Harmony Wings Mobile
  10. Magic Wood Giant Marble Tree 150cm
  11. Magic Wood Large Marble Tree 72cm
  12. Magic Wood Small Marble Tree 48cm
  13. Magic Wood Mini Marble Tree 38cm
  14. Magic Wood Camelot Castle - 35 Pieces
  15. Magic Wood Tall Castle Walls - 16 Pieces
  16. Magic Wood 70 Creative Blocks
  17. Magic Wood Eco Blocks - 22 Piece Set, Flat Bag
  18. Magic Wood Oiled ecoBlocks 36 Piece Net Bag
  19. Magic Wood Abstract Castle Walls - 30 Pieces
  20. Magic Wood Eco Blocks Big Box - 330 Piece Set
  21. Magic Wood Eco Blocks Pirate Box - 144 Piece Set
  22. Magic Wood Three Horses
  23. Magic Wood Small Castle Walls - 16 Pieces
  24. Magic Wood Cannon
  25. Magic Wood Carriage
  26. Magic Wood Chariot
  27. Magic Wood Four Vikings
  28. Magic Wood Vikings Boat
  29. Magic Wood Royal Couple
  30. Magic Wood Six Steadfast Knights - Blue
  31. Magic Wood Six Steadfast Knights - Red
  32. Magic Wood Branch Family
  33. Magic Wood Six Felt Puppets
  34. Magic Wood Tree Tow Truck
  35. Magic Wood Tree Sports Car
  36. Magic Wood Small Kitchen Set
  37. Magic Wood Small Bedroom Set
  38. Magic Wood Small Living Room Set
  39. Magic Wood Boat and Dock
  40. Magic Wood Shire Home
  41. Magic Wood Small Tree House
  42. Magic Wood Adventure Playground
  43. Magic Wood Tree House in Parts – 3 columns with cloth
  44. Magic Wood Tree House in Parts – Large
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