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Leggings & tights

Organic cotton leggings and tights for babies and children are super soft and perfect for layering, and allow your child to be free to move and play. In fun, bright and colourful prints and cool basics, our practical leggings and tights can be matched up with tees and tops, or skirts and dresses from our organic kids clothes range.
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  1. Frugi organic cotton 2  pack norah tights one red pair and one blue pair with geese on the feet
  2. Frugi toasty rainbow horizontal stripe tights for kids
  3. Frugi GOTS cotton bright rainbow organic cotton norah tights for children
  4. Frugi rainbow stripe norah tights 2 pack, one red pair with rainbow waist band and one grey marl pair with rainbow horizontal stripes
  5. Frugi knitted leggings with rainbow stripes legs with fire truck on bum
  6. Piccalilly Harvest Festival childrens leggings
  7. Piccalilly childrens seagull leggings
  8. Frugi libby leggings watermelon bloom
  9. Frugi libby leggings pacific aqua
  10. Frugi bumblebee yellow kids leggings
  11. Duns Orchid Bloom Leggings
  12. Duns Blue Atoll Leggings
  13. Duns Aspen Gold Leggings
  14. Piccalilly Oranges Leggings
  15. Maxomorra Coral Reef Cropped Leggings
  16. Maxomorra Daisy Cropped Leggings
    Maxomorra Daisy Cropped Leggings
    £12.90 £7.74 (40% OFF)
  17. Maxomorra Ice Cream Cropped Leggings
  18. Maxomorra Lion Cropped Leggings
    Maxomorra Lion Cropped Leggings
    £12.90 £7.74 (40% OFF)
  19. Meyadey Solid Moonlight Blue Cropped Leggings
  20. Meyadey Solid Greengage Cropped Leggings
  21. Meyadey Pirate Adventures Cropped Leggings
  22. Meyadey Giraffe Garden Cropped Leggings
  23. Meyadey Turtle Tide Cropped Leggings
  24. Maxomorra Strawberry Cropped Leggings
  25. Maxomorra Sheep Cropped Leggings
    Maxomorra Sheep Cropped Leggings
    £12.90 £7.74 (40% OFF)
  26. Maxomorra Chameleon Cropped Leggings
  27. Piccalilly Wildlife Leggings
  28. Maxomorra Town Leggings
    Maxomorra Town Leggings
    £13.90 £4.17 (70% OFF)
  29. Frugi hilda harems rainbow holi print
    Frugi Hilda Harems - Rainbow Holi
    £24.00 £13.44 (44% OFF)
  30. Frugi little knitted leggings rainbow
  31. Frugi little knitted leggings bee design
    Frugi Bee Little Knitted Leggings
    £14.00 £11.20 (20% OFF)
  32. Frugi fun knee tights in jewel green and bee dot design
  33. Duns Nile Green Leggings
  34. Duns Directoire Blue Leggings
  35. LGR Pale Gold Rib Essential Leggings
  36. LGR Corn Silk Rib Essential Leggings
  37. Frugi Flower Valley Olivia Outfit
    Frugi Flower Valley Olivia Outfit
    £32.00 £17.92 (44% OFF)
  38. Frugi Rainbow Skies Libby Printed Leggings
  39. Frugi Indigo Farm Libby Printed Leggings
    Frugi Indigo Farm Libby Printed Leggings
    £14.50 £8.12 (44% OFF)
  40. Frugi Deep Pink Rainbow Walks Libby Printed Leggings
  41. Frugi Rich Pink Libby Leggings
    Frugi Rich Pink Libby Leggings
    £13.00 £7.28 (44% OFF)
  42. Maxomorra Solid Ruby Leggings
  43. Maxomorra Solid Pear Leggings
  44. Maxomorra Solid Blossom Leggings
  45. Maxomorra Solid Navy Leggings
  46. Maxomorra Tomato Leggings
    Maxomorra Tomato Leggings
    £13.90 £4.17 (70% OFF)
  47. Frugi Rainbow Stripe Favourite Cuffed Leggings
    Frugi Rainbow Stripe Favourite Cuffed Leggings
    £18.00 £10.80 (40% OFF)
  48. Frugi True Red Everyday Cuffed Leggings
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Showing 1-48 of 63 items

per page
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