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Sibling team Will and Chris Haughey specifically wanted to create an opportunity for sustainable employment in Honduras, Central America. Having spent time in this poverty-stricken country, they were inspired by a seemingly untouched resource of hard wood, which was also in much need of a sustainable reforestation programme. Their imagination was ignited by wooden European toys, which are durable, all natural and safe, Tegu was formed in 2007 by putting new life into an old classic by adding powerful magnets within each wooden building block. You'll never find an instruction manual: you and your child are in charge! As well as encouraging crucial creative, imaginative and developmental skills in children, purchasing Tegu blocks is bringing about social change in Honduras, where employees at the fully independent toy factory in Tegucigalpa have a living wage and career growth.

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38 Items

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  1. Tegu Blossom 8 Piece Pocket Pouch
    Tegu Blossom 8 Piece Pocket Pouch
    £26.89 £21.52 (20% OFF)
  2. Tegu Blues 8 Piece Pocket Pouch
    Tegu Blues 8 Piece Pocket Pouch
    £26.89 £21.52 (20% OFF)
  3. Tegu Big Top Magnetic Shape Train
  4. Tegu Floating Stacker Big Top
  5. Tegu Swivel Bug Teal / Blue
  6. Tegu Swivel Bug Poppy / Red
  7. Tegu Floating Stacker Blue / Green
  8. Tegu Swivel Bug Teal / Green
  9. Tegu Swivel Bug Pink / Purple
  10. Tegu Swivel Bug Red
  11. Tegu Kitty Tavel Pal
  12. Tegu Spaceship Travel Pal
  13. Tegu Jet Plane Travel Pal
  14. Tegu Tugboat Travel Pal
    Tegu Tugboat Travel Pal
    £19.90 £15.91 (20% OFF)
  15. Tegu Hummingbird Travel Pal
  16. Tegu Travel Tote
    Tegu Travel Tote
  17. Tegu Beans and Tumtum Set
  18. Tegu Zip Zap Set
  19. Tegu Pip Set
  20. Tegu Blues 42 Piece Set
  21. Tegu Blossom 42 Piece Set
  22. Tegu Sunset 42 Piece Set
  23. Tegu Jungle 42 Piece Set
  24. Tegu Tints 42 Piece Set
  25. Tegu Natural 42 Piece Set
  26. Tegu Blossom  6 Piece Pocket Pouch
    Tegu Blossom 6 Piece Pocket Pouch
    £21.90 £17.52 (20% OFF)
  27. Tegu Blues 6 Piece Pocket Pouch
  28. Tegu Sunset 6 Piece Pocket Pouch
  29. Tegu Nelson 6 Piece Pocket Pouch
  30. Tegu Jungle 6 Piece Pocket Pouch
  31. Tegu Natural 6 Piece Pocket Pouch
  32. Tegu Blossom 24 Piece Set
  33. Tegu Blues 24 Piece Set
  34. Tegu Sunset 24 Piece Set
  35. Tegu Jungle 24 Piece Set
  36. Tegu Natural 24 Piece Set
  37. Tegu Blossom 14 Piece Set
  38. Tegu Blues 14 Piece Set
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