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The Cora Ball
The Cora Ball

The Cora Ball

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As seen on the BBC and across social Media! Help prevent micro plastics from entering the rivers, seas and oceans with The Cora Ball. Simple to use, throw the CoraRead more

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The Cora Ball

As featured on the BBC and seen across social media. The Cora Ball is available now at Babipur!

Help prevent micro plastics from entering the rivers, seas and oceans with The Cora Ball. Simple to use, throw the Cora Ball into your washing machine with the rest of your laundry and switch on your machine. The Cora Ball will instantly start to collect and trap micro plastics and fibres as it moves around inside your machine. The trapped fibres are held within the ball, stopping them from being rinsed away down the drain and entering the water system. After a few washes, you'll start to see a build up of fibres within the Cora Ball. Once they're big enough to grab hold of, just pull them out and dispose of them appropriately. 

The Cora Ball is suitable for all types of washing machines, including top loaders and washer dryers and there's no need to worry if it accidentally ends up in the tumble dryer - the recycled material is designed to withstand the heat and movement of a tumble dryer. Specifically designed to not damage clothes, the Cora Ball moves with your laundry rather than against it, and a combination of soft materials and smooth round rings on the outside help prevent any damage occurring to your clothes, there are some items we don't recommend washing with the Cora Ball including lace, chunky knits and clothing with tassels or fraying ends. Cora Ball have now updated their packaging in 2021 to further reduce their carbon footprint by removing the luggage tag, and only including a postcard with the instructions. 

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Works in all washing machines and is tumble dryer safe
  • Gentle on everyday clothes
  • Highly durable, expect your Cora Ball to last for 5 years or more
  • Super easy to use and simple to clean
  • Reduced packaging for a lower carbon footprint

The Cora Ball is a super easy way to help reduce the impact your laundry has on the environment and help protect our seas and marine life from micro plastics and synthetic fibres. Proceeds from The Cora Ball support the Rozalia Project - a non-profit organisation working to clean our oceans and protect marine life.

Colours are dependant on the recycled plastic used, so they may vary from those shown in the images.

FAQ's and instructions below

The Cora Ball Info graphic

Who can use it?

Anyone can use the Cora Ball, in any washing machine; front loaders, top loaders with and without the center spindle, anywhere.

Can I wash all of my clothes with it, even delicates?

We do NOT RECOMMEND that you wash anything with lace, tassels, chunky or wide-knit, crocheted sections, or fraying threads. The stalks on the Cora Ball might catch these delicate items and potentially cause damage. The good news is that these items are not contributing much microfiber, so leaving the Cora Ball out of the wash for your delicates is OK. Sometimes a bra or bikini strap will wrap around the Cora Ball; don’t worry, it is easy to unwind and unless the straps are made of lace, they will be fine (we’ve been testing with our own delicates for over a year and except for lace, have not had trouble). 

How many Cora Balls should I use?

For most homes, one Cora Ball will do the job. 

How much fiber does it collect?

The Cora Ball catches about one quarter to one third of the microfibers per load, per Cora Ball. The effectiveness depends on several factors including what items are in the load, wash settings, wash frequency and the presence of pet hair (which helps catch fibers)! We are constantly testing to learn how it works best so we can share with Cora Ball users.

Can I see the fibers it collects?

On the days you wash your heavier items, like fleece, sweatshirts, etc., you are likely to see the fibers stuck in the Cora Ball. Sometimes, after everyday clothing loads, you may not see much. It may be there accumulating and tangling up with hair and larger fibers, it’s just too small to see and you will be able to remove it when the tangles do get big enough to grab.

How does it catch tiny fibers?

The fibers tend to tangle together into fuzz balls that you can see and pick out of the Cora Ball. When we look at a microscope image from a pinch of what a Cora Ball collected from a 3-load test, we can see different colors and sizes all bunched together.

Do I have to clean it after every wash?

No, you do not need to clean the Cora Ball after every wash. We recommend, cleaning when it’s easy to clean - you’ll see big tangles of hair and fiber, then you can go for it.

How do you clean it?

When you have tangles big enough to grab, you just move the stalks to the side and pinch the tangles to pull them out. They come out easily. It’s just like cleaning a hairbrush.

Where do the fibers go?

Captured fibres need to be stored or disposed of in a way that prevents them reaching our waterways. You can trap fibres in a bottle to make an eco brick or throw them away in a sealed bag or container. The fibres captured are the same as the lint you get in your dryer filter. The important thing is that we have control over where these fibres go and that they aren't allowed to freely wash into our sewers, waterways and ultimately our oceans. At this point, we cannot recycle laundry lint (from the washer or the dryer). But, Rozalia Project, and our partners, are working hard to figure this out. We look forward to the day when we can upcycle all of this material into new clothes or something durable and long lasting. 

What is the Cora Ball made of?

The Cora Ball is made of 100% diverted/recycled and 100% recyclable soft and stretchy plastic that will maintain its physical and chemical properties in the temperature extremes of both residential and commercial washers and dryers.

Is the Cora Ball recyclable?

Yes! Please do not put it in your blue bin. We hope you will use it long into the future, but if you are done with your Cora Ball, please contact us.

How long will my Cora Ball last?

We have spec’d a material that is meant to last a long time and we hope the Cora Ball lasts for years and years of washing and catching microfibers. It was designed as a long-lasting and durable product, not for just a few uses.

Does it cause the clothes damage or make more microfibers?

We are driven by concern for plastic and man-processed fibers entering the marine environment, and for the longevity of your clothes, so we have 3 design strategies to keep the Cora Ball from making more microfibers themselves. Shape: the rings on the outside are smooth and round and that is what comes in contact with the clothes; Material: the material is extremely soft and stretchy - softer than some of your clothes! Finally, Motion: the Cora Ball moves with your clothes around the wash, not against them.

The items that do have potential to get past the rings and stuck in the stalks are: lace, crocheted/chunky knits, tassels or items with fraying ends - all of which could still be in the same wash, we recommend they are put in a wide mesh bag for delicates.

Can I put the Cora Ball in the dryer?

Yes, you can. If you accidentally throw your Cora Ball in the dryer, not to fear! We chose a material that can withstand the heat and action of a dryer. 


The Cora Ball Info graphic


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