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Fair Trade Soft Toys

Beautiful Fair Trade and organic cotton soft toys at Babipur. Ethically made waldorf dolls and stuffed animal toys are soft and snuggly making a perfect first toy for a new baby, and will be loved for years to come.
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  1. Roommate Elephant Anthracite Stuffed Toy
  2. Roommate Canvas Doll Duke The Dog
  3. Roommate Canvas Doll Bella the Bunny
  4. Roommate Bear Rag Doll
  5. Roommate Canvas Ball With Bell - Sea Grey
  6. Roommate Rhino Rag Doll
  7. Roommate Canvas Ball With Bell - Pink
  8. Roommate Canvas Doll Eddy The Elephant
  9. Roommate Canvas Doll Goldy The Giraffe
  10. Roommate Canvas Doll Kody The Koala
  11. Roommate Canvas Doll Uni The Unicorn
  12. Roommate Crocodile Rag Doll
  13. Roommate Hippo Rag Doll
  14. Roommate Monkey Rag Doll
  15. Roommate Lion Rag Doll
  16. Roommate Giraffe Rag Doll
  17. Roommate Flamingo Rag Doll
  18. Roommate Elephant Rag Doll
  19. Papoose Toys White Pompoms 1cm 100 Pack
  20. Papoose Toys Rainbow Balls 3.5cm 20 Pack
  21. Papoose Toys Rainbow Balls 2 Pack
  22. Papoose Toys Rainbow Balls 3.5cm 49 Pack
  23. Papoose Toys Fox Pair
  24. Papoose Toys Fairy Pumpkin House and Mat
  25. Papoose Toys Large Dinosaur Mat
  26. Papoose Toys Dinosaur Rock Set
  27. Papoose Toys Volcano With Lava
  28. Papoose Toys Duckpond Mat With Ducks
  29. Papoose Toys Mossy Mat
  30. Papoose Toys Baobab Tree Set
  31. Papoose Toys Pine Trees Set
  32. Papoose Toys Medium Hollow Mushrooms
  33. Papoose Toys Standing Trees with Owl
  34. Papoose Toys Standing Tree Leaf & Bird
  35. Keptin Jr Tjumm Baby Shawl on a white background
  36. Keptin Jr Tjumm Baby Shawl on a white background
  37. Hoppa Matty Waldorf Doll - Navy Blue
  38. Hoppa Matty Waldorf Doll - Berry Pink
  39. Hoppa Rita Rabbit Cuddly Friend
  40. Hoppa Quincy Squirrel Cuddly Friend
  41. Lanka Kade Dad Doll - Black Skin, Black Hair
  42. Grimm's Soft Waldorf Doll Viola
  43. Grimm's Soft Doll Aqua
  44. Roommate Sea Life Stacking Blocks
  45. Roommate Octopus Rag Doll
  46. Roommate Seahorse Rag Doll
  47. Roommate Starfish Rattle
  48. Roommate Fish Rattle
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48 Items

per page
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