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Ostheimer Family & Farm

Waldorf wooden farm and family figures hand-crafted by Ostheimer. Have fun on the farm with this beautiful selection of farm birds and animals - and a family of farmers ready to tend to their every need. This beautiful world of farm animals encourages children to think imaginatively and develop their nurturing side as they muck out the animals, feed them, provide fresh bedding and collect eggs. With simple designs, delicate colours and smooth, tactile forms, these figures are perfect for small hands and come to life when children's imaginations are allowed to run free. All Ostheimer wooden figures are hand-made in Germany using sustainable wood and organic oils providing parents with peace of mind.
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  1. Ostheimer Pony
  2. Ostheimer Natural Dog
  3. Ostheimer Natural Horse
  4. Ostheimer CL Dog - Paint Your Own
  5. Ostheimer CL Cow - Paint Your Own
  6. Ostheimer CL Cat Standing - Paint Your Own
  7. Ostheimer CL Rooster - Paint Your Own
  8. Ostheimer Spotted Piglet Sitting
  9. Ostheimer Spotted Piglet Running
  10. Ostheimer Spotted Pig Head Low
  11. Ostheimer Spotted Pig Head High
  12. Ostheimer Brown Colt
  13. Ostheimer Ochre Rooster
  14. Ostheimer Small Donkey Head High
  15. Ostheimer Farm House
    Ostheimer Farm House
  16. Ostheimer Brown Rooster
  17. Ostheimer White Hen Up
  18. Ostheimer Brown Running Lamb
  19. Ostheimer Brown Resting Lamb
  20. Ostheimer Brown Eating Sheep
  21. Ostheimer Brown Ram
  22. Ostheimer Running Lamb
  23. Ostheimer Resting Lamb
  24. Ostheimer Haflinger Colt
  25. Ostheimer Brown Horse
    Ostheimer Brown Horse
  26. Ostheimer Brown Ox
  27. Ostheimer Haflinger Horse
  28. Ostheimer Small Stable
  29. Ostheimer Horse Stable
  30. Ostheimer Brown Standing Lamb
  31. Ostheimer Brown Standing Sheep
  32. Ostheimer Standing Lamb
  33. Ostheimer Eating Sheep
  34. Ostheimer Standing Sheep
  35. Ostheimer Ram
  36. Ostheimer Small Donkey
  37. Ostheimer Standing Donkey
  38. Ostheimer Brown Cow Standing
  39. Ostheimer Piglet
  40. Ostheimer Pig Head Low
  41. Ostheimer Pig Head High
  42. Ostheimer Ochre Hen with Long Neck
  43. Ostheimer Brown Hen on Nest
  44. Ostheimer Light Chick
  45. Ostheimer White Rooster
  46. Ostheimer Standing Goose
  47. Ostheimer Duckling
    Ostheimer Duckling
  48. Ostheimer Brown Pecking Hen
View as Grid List

Showing 1-48 of 56 items

per page
Set Ascending Direction