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Kabloom Butterflybom Seedbom
Kabloom Butterflybom Seedbom Kabloom Butterflybom Seedbom Kabloom Butterflybom Seedbom Kabloom Butterflybom Seedbom Kabloom Butterflybom Seedbom

Kabloom Butterflybom Seedbom


Quick Overview

This Kabloom Butterfly Seedbom is filled with a blend of wildflower seeds loved by butterflies and pollinators. This Seedbom contains Musk Mallow, Cornflower, Yarrow, Oxeye Daisy, Red Campion and Forget-me-not seeds.
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Product description

Kabloom Butterfly Seedbom

Welcome butterflies into your garden with a Kabloom Butterfly Seedbom filled with a blend of wildflower seeds loved by butterflies and pollinators. This Seedbom contains a mix of Musk Mallow, Cornflower, Yarrow, Oxeye Daisy, Red Campion and Forget-me-not seeds, species recommended by the butterfly conservation experts as larval food plants and annual booms for a riot of colour in the first year. This blend of annual, biennial and perrenial plants will give quick colour and flowers that come again over a number of years, supporting diverse habitats for wildlife to thrive in.

Kabloom Seedboms are perfect for guerrilla gardeners and wildlife fans who want to transform unloved outdoor spaces with fab flowers and fragrant herbs without spending hours hoeing and weeding. You don't need to be an expert gardener to enjoy a Seedbom - you don't even have to have a garden, a pot of compost will do. Give it a shake to mix up the blend of seeds and organic compost, pop off the lid and add water and leave it until the grenade package feels soft. Then take aim and throw your Seedbom. It will break open where it lands and the seeds will grow into plants with fabulous flowers to support local bee, butterfly and insect populations. 

Make flowers not war with a Seedbom - a fun, sustainable alternative gift to a bouquet of intensively grown cut flowers. Children and adults alike will love a Seedbom and giving one to a child is a great way to introducing them to gardening and caring for wildlife. The grenade shell is ethically made with PaperFoam®, a completely renewable, compostable and pollution-free packaging product and filled with GMO-free seeds and peat-free compost. Your Seedbom comes packaged with recyclable glue-free card, made from recycled paper.

To grow this year, throw your Kabloom seedbom in March, April, May or June.
To grow next year, throw your seedbom in August, September or October.

Weight: 25g. 

Size: 50 x 50 x 80mm.

Sustainably made in Scotland.

Kabloom Seedbom

Growing Tips

  • Soak them all the way through. When watering, ensure the Seedbom is soaked all the way through. You'll be able to tell it's fully soaked when the shell starts to soften and feels like cooked pasta. If it's not soaked through, it might not break open properly.
  • Keep them damp. These Seedboms like to be damp, but careful not to over-water them.
  • Keep them warm. Not too hot, but these Seedboms like the warmth.
  • Throw in bare, open ground. For the perfect growing site, look for an area that is clear and free from weeds.
  • Use a planter, pots or window box. Why limit Seedboms to the garden? They'll love planters, pots and window boxes just as much. Just soak as normal and place them on top of well drained soil before splitting them open.


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