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Mader Kreiselmanufaktur spinning tops, yo-yos and skipping ropes are beautifully crafted by hand with the greatest attention to detail. Handcrafted in their workshop in Austria, each spinning tops undergoes up to 20 different processes, from turning, burning, carving and painting- all by hand. Each top is carved from a single piece of sustainably sourced native wood, and are recognisable from the ring burned around their equator, and the beautiful rainbow stripes.
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  1. Mader Forest Music Box - Kleine Nachtmusik
  2. Mader linen skipping rope pink on a white background
  3. Mader linen skipping rope purple on a white background
  4. Mader linen skipping rope green on a white background
  5. Mader linen skipping rope natural on a white background
  6. Mader 2.4m skipping rope with rainbow handles on a white background
  7. Mader Multicolour Spinning Top Learning Set
  8. Mader cherry spinning plate on a white background
  9. Mader Ring Spinning Top
  10. Mader Roly-poly Egg - Graphite
  11. Mader Roly-poly Egg - Lilac
  12. Mader Roly-poly Egg - Green
  13. Mader Roly-poly Egg - Summer
  14. Mader Roly-poly Egg - Spring
  15. Mader Pull-String Spinning Top - Red
  16. Mader Pull-String Spinning Top - Yellow
  17. Mader Pull-String Spinning Top - Blue
  18. Mader Pull-String Spinning Top - Orange
  19. Mader Pull-String Spinning Top - Green
  20. Mader Dice Spinning Top
  21. Mader Large Ash Spinning Plate
  22. Mader Drawing Top
    Mader Drawing Top
  23. Mader Salto Totale
    Mader Salto Totale
  24. Mader Large Arabella Spinning Top
  25. Mader Natural Thunderbolt Spinning Top
  26. Mader Rainbow Wobble
    Mader Rainbow Wobble
  27. Mader Yoyo Burlesk
  28. Mader Rainbow Kaleidoscope
  29. Mader Rainbow Spaghetti Spinning Tops
  30. Mader Ash Round Spinning Turn Over Top
  31. Mader Skipping Rope Natural Handles 5m
  32. Mader Skipping Rope Natural Handles
  33. Mader Corner Spyglass
  34. Mader Rainbow Spinning Top
  35. Mader Large Walnut 25cm Spinning Plate
  36. Mader Disc Top Stars
  37. Mader Disc Top Geometric
  38. Mader Skipping Rope Purple Handles
  39. Mader Skipping Rope Green Handles
  40. Mader Skipping Rope Pink Handles
  41. Mader Stripe Spinning Top
  42. Mader My First Spinning Top
  43. Mader Lilac Spinning Top Learning Set
  44. Mader The 3 Baldufinos
  45. Mader Trottolina Balance Top
  46. Mader Forest Music Box - Edelweiss
  47. Mader Manège Spinning Plate
  48. Mader Large Oak Spinning Plate
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Showing 1-48 of 83 items

per page
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