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Have a greener, closer shave with Muhle safety razors and accessories at Babipur. More sustainable and sensible shaving options with impressive shaving performance to boot. Selected for supreme quality, longevity and sustainability, our Muhle safety razors will help you to turn your back on single-use razors, reduce plastic use, cut down on unnecessary waste and save you money too.
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36 Items

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  1. MÜHLE Traditional Safety Razor
  2. MÜHLE Large Traditional Safety Razor
  3. MÜHLE Companion Razor
  4. MÜHLE Hexagon Safety Razor
  5. MÜHLE Rocca Safety Razor
    MÜHLE Rocca Safety Razor
    £105.95 £69.95 (34% OFF)
  6. MÜHLE Vivo Safety Razor
  7. MÜHLE Kosmo Safety Razor
  8. MÜHLE Rytmo Safety Razor
  9. Luxury Shaving Gift Set
  10. Zero Waste Shaving Gift Set
  11. MÜHLE Kosmo 3 Piece Shaving Set - Black Resin
  12. MÜHLE Kosmo 3 Piece Shaving Set - Citrine Resin
  13. MÜHLE Rytmo 3 Piece Shaving Set - Mint Resin
  14. MÜHLE Kosmo 3 Piece Shaving Set - Olive Wood
  15. MÜHLE Rytmo 3 Piece Shaving Set - Steamed Ash
  16. MÜHLE 3 Piece Shaving Set - Black Resin
  17. MÜHLE 3 Piece Shaving Set - Chrome
  18. MÜHLE 3 Piece Shaving Set - Rose Gold
  19. MÜHLE Replacement Safety Razor Head
  20. MÜHLE Organic Shaving Cream - 75ml
  21. MÜHLE Soap Dish - White Porcelain
  22. MÜHLE Soap Dish - Chrome Plated
  23. MÜHLE Traditional White Porcelain Blade Bank
  24. MÜHLE Chrome Traditional Safety Razor and Brush Stand
  25. MÜHLE Chrome Traditional Safety Razor Stand
  26. MÜHLE Safety Razor Blade Guard
  27. MÜHLE 10 pack Safety Razor Blades
  28. Lamazuna Solid Shaving Bar Soap
  29. Benecos Organic Beard Oil - 30ml
  30. MÜHLE Rytmo Steamed Ash Black Fibre Shaving Brush
  31. MÜHLE Kosmo Olive Wood Silvertip Fibre Shaving Brush
  32. MÜHLE Rocca Synthetic Fibre Shaving Brush
  33. MÜHLE Traditional Synthetic Fibre Shaving Brush
  34. MÜHLE Rytmo Mint Resin Synthetic Fibre Shaving Brush
  35. MÜHLE Matt Stainless Steel Rocca Brush and Razor Stand
  36. MÜHLE Plumwood Synthetic Fibre Shaving Brush
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