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Hello to you from Babipur


The Journey

Hi, I’m Jolene! Back in 2007, with my husband, two children and a dog, I had a dream of creating a fair trade shop and working for myself at home here in North Wales. Together with my husband, we wanted to bring fair trade products that are responsibly made and free from exploitation to our customers in a fun and exciting way - there was a gap in the market for ethical retail and we thought maybe we could make a real difference! Peter (my husband), and I put our heads together and set up an online shop to sell fair trade toys and clothes for babies and children, and Babipur was born. Our stockroom was under the bed, overflowing with ethical goodies, our office was late nights at the computer, and our packing station doubled up as the kitchen table. We would run to the post office with babes in arms, excited to post our new orders. It was just the two of us, a passion for ethical and fair trade, and a lot of hard work - but it felt like we were doing something good.

Over the years, Babipur has steadily grown. In 2008 we moved our fledgling business into a shop in Porthmadog, and then to a warehouse in the next town. As we continued to grow, we had to move to a bigger warehouse, and then rent a further two warehouses on the same estate - and when we ran out of space again rented 8 shipping containers too! Everyone told us to move out of the area to secure a larger warehouse but we were determined to stay right here in Snowdonia, the challenge was to find somewhere big enough to hold our growing business.

Fast forward to the present day and we are a strong and growing team. In 2019 we secured our future here in Snowdonia by moving into Ty Gelert in Porthmadog. Right from the start we believed in creating jobs for local people in Wales and equally, providing flexible working opportunity where it is most needed. We have an amazing and dedicated bunch of people who all play a part in day to day activities at Babipur towers, from our fabulous customer service team, to our warehouse squad who carefully handle every order, to the marketing team and at-home buddies - everyone has an equal part to play.

We really believe there is a small but steady revolution happening - consumers want to know where their goods come from, who makes them and what environmental impact they have. We're proud to be part of that revolution and we're proud to "be the change".

Babipur Journey

The Products

We had started Babipur with a passion for fair trade toys and clothes, but it wasn’t long before we had become a one stop shop for all your natural and organic baby and kids products. It wasn’t long before we wanted to introduce all the products we loved to use ourselves, like reusable nappies and baby carriers! We continued to bring new ethical products to our community that help us live every day a little more sustainably. Babipur eventually became the shop we are today - an ethically focused shop for all the family, not just kids.

We believe ethical shopping should be fun, and this will always be our core focus. We started with fair trade products from day one, and as we learn, we adopt new practices. We vow to never turn a blind eye to exploitation, child trafficking, forced and slave labour. We work only with brands who feel the same way as us, and we believe it is important to demand the highest ethical standards from suppliers and brands.

Babipur products

The Community

When I started this journey I couldn’t have imagined the community that would grow from this small seed. Like minded folks started to find each other on their path to being more conscious consumers, and we created the Babipur Hangout, our Facebook group, as a central point for people to meet. The Babipur Hangout serves as a supportive parenting network full of amazing people who crowdsource information and advice, whilst giving each other support and friendship. It’s a large and active group that has grown to include local sub groups, and groups with popular topics, including Crafty Babipurians and Babipur Parenting Support. It’s great that our social media channels are so active and welcoming, and we especially love to hear of the local groups meeting regularly all over the UK.

Please do get involved, join our Babipur Hangout group on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram too, there’s always some sort of fun challenge on the go so don’t be shy, come and join in! We’ll also use the group to let you know about new products and stock updates, and enter exclusive product giveaways. It’s also a really great way for us to all stay connected and is a great way to give us your feedback!



Let toys be toys

Let Toys Be Toys is a campaign asking the toy industry to stop limiting children's choices by marketing their toys for boys or girls. This is something we've naturally never done - our toys are simply toys and boys or girls can play with any of them. That's why you won't find a boys and girls category in our toy section. We believe this is important because it frees children of the societal constraints allowing them to develop and choose their own interests and paths.

Ethical consumber best buy

Babipur has been recognised by Ethical Consumer Magazine for being one of the most ethical toy retailers and have received their "best buy" recommendation. Ethical consumer look into every aspect of a business to create a ranking so it is great to be recognised for our efforts.

Observer Ethical Awards

Nominees in the Observer Ethical Awards best retailer category. We were rather proud to be included in this prestigious event surrounded by ethical industry heavyweights and some of our idols.

Team Babipur