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Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Wooden jigsaws and puzzles are a fun way to introduce young children to problem solving, critical thinking and memory by learning through play. Our bright and fun Fair Trade jigsaw puzzles are ethically made using sustainable woods, and are a fantastic resource for home educators.
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  1. Red Naef Cubicus Wooden cube toy on a white background
  2. Blue Naef Cubicus toy stacked in its original cube form on a white background.
  3. Naef's Cella stacking cube toy in red on a white background. Toy is in its original cube form.
  4. Alphabet Jigsaw eco-friendly wooden Rainbow jigsaw puzzle on a white background
  5. Alphabet Jigsaw eco-friendly handmade wooden USA Map jigsaw on a white background
  6. Alphabet Jigsaws Emergency Numbers
  7. Alphabet Jigsaws Number Plane
  8. Alphabet Jigsaws Alphabet Giraffe
  9. Alphabet Jigsaws Alphabet Pirate Ship
  10. Alphabet Jigsaws Alphabet Horse
  11. Alphabet Jigsaws Alphabet Butterfly
  12. Alphabet Jigsaws Number Dinosaur Row
  13. Alphabet Jigsaws Creepy Crawlies
  14. Alphabet Jigsaws Alphabet & Number Train
  15. Alphabet Jigsaws Séasúiri Irish/Gaelic
  16. Alphabet Jigsaws ainmhí feirme Irish/Gaelic
  17. CYMRAEG Alphabet Jigsaws Fire Engine
  18. CYMRAEG Alphabet Jigsaws Farm Animals
  19. CYMRAEG - Alphabet Jigsaws Wooden Seasons
  20. Alphabet Jigsaws T-Rex
  21. Alphabet Jigsaws Elephant Row
  22. Alphabet Jigsaws Wooden Farm
  23. Alphabet Jigsaws Wooden Woodland
  24. Alphabet Jigsaws Wooden Solar System
  25. Alphabet Jigsaws Wooden Seasons
  26. Alphabet Jigsaws Wooden Map of Britain
  27. Alphabet Jigsaws Wooden Map of Ireland
  28. Alphabet Jigsaws World Map
  29. AlphabetJigsaws Noah's Ark
  30. Alphabet Jigsaws Number Zoo
  31. AlphabetJigsaws Europe Map
  32. Lanka Kade Whoopi the Whale 1-25 Jigsaw
  33. Lanka Kade Conga the Crocodile 1-25 Jigsaw
  34. Lanka Minibeast Block Puzzle
  35. Lanka Kade Crocodile Jigsaw Alphabet
  36. Lanka Kade Shark 1-10 Jigsaw
  37. Lanka Kade Elephant 1-10 Jigsaw
  38. Lanka Kade Cat 1-10 Jigsaw
  39. Lanka Kade Dog 1-10 Jigsaw
  40. Lanka Kade Unicorn 1-10 Jigsaw
  41. Lanka Kade Fire Engine 1-10 Jigsaw
  42. Lanka Kade Yellow Digger 1-10 Jigsaw
  43. Lanka Kade World Animals Block Puzzle
  44. Lanka Kade Whoopi The Whale A-Z Jigsaw
  45. Lanka Kade Farm Animals Block Puzzle
  46. Lanka Kade Dog 1-25 Jigsaw
  47. Lanka Kade Dizzie The Dinosaur 1-25 Jigsaw
  48. Lanka Kade Jumbo Dog Jigsaw
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Showing 1-48 of 77 items

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