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Grapat Mandala Pieces

A Mandala is a circular form of art that can be used to enhance mindfullness and can be enjoyed by all. Simply create a circular shape with repeated patterns. Grapat wooden mandala pieces can be used on their own or in conjunction with other art like drawing, items from nature, shapes in the sand or anything you wish. Creating a mandala is a form of meditation and a lovely way to for children to concentrate. Wooden toys that are perfect for adults and children alike.
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33 Items

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  1. 32 multicoloured Grapat Mandala Rainbow Eggs lined up in rows on a white background.
  2. 32 Grapat Mandala Snowflakes lined up in rows on a white background.
  3. 32 Grapat Mandala Flower Petals lined up in rows on a white background.
  4. 32 Grapat Mandala Pineapples lined up in rows on a white background.
  5. Grapat 36x Mandala Little Stones
  6. Grapat 36x Mandala Trees
  7. Grapat 36x Mandala Orange Cone
  8. Grapat 36x Mandala Raindrops
  9. Grapat 36x Mandala Eggs
  10. Grapat 36x Mandala Honeycombs
  11. Grapat Extras 6x Natural Discs
  12. Grapat 36x Mandala Mini Flowers
  13. Grapat 36x Mandala Mini Mushrooms
  14. Grapat 36x Mandala Mini Cones
  15. Grapat 36x Mandala Fire Drops
  16. Grapat 36x Mandala Mini Coins
  17. Grapat Extras - Rounds
  18. Grapat Extras 6 Coloured Balls
  19. Grapat Extras 3 Natural Rings
  20. Grapat Extras 6 Natural Mushrooms
  21. Grapat Extras 6 Natural Honeycomb Cups
  22. Grapat Extras 6 Natural Balls
  23. Grapat Extras Natural Cones x 6
  24. Grapat Extras Natural Semi Spheres x 6
  25. Grapat Extras Natural Spools x 3
  26. Grapat Extras Earth Tone Coins
  27. Grapat Extras Rainbow Coins 12 Colours
  28. Grapat Extras Rainbow Coins 6 Colours
  29. Grapat Extras Earth Tone Rings
  30. Grapat Extras Rainbow Rings 12 Colours
  31. Grapat Extras Rainbow Rings 6 colours
  32. Grapat Wooden Toy Bowls & Acorns Set - 6 rainbow coloured small wooden bowls each with 6 coloured acorns and a set of wooden tweezers. White background.
  33. Grapat Wooden Toy Bowls & Marbles Set - 36 marbles and 6 small wooden sorting bowls in 6 rainbow colours, with wooden tweezers. White background.
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