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Grimm's Building and Rainbow World

Grimm’s rainbow toys and building blocks offer endless opportunities for play from stacking and balancing to making bridges and structures. To enjoyed by all the family these wooden toys are ethically manufactured and very high quality. They are designed around the Warldof eduction movement which advocates learning through creative play.
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  1. Grimm's Arcs in Squares Building Set
  2. Grimm's Decorative Numbers
  3. Grimm's Building Set Weather
  4. Grimm's Stacking Game Small Rainbow Rollers
  5. Grimm's Stacking Game Small Pastel Rollers
  6. Grimm's Stacking Game Small Natural Rollers
  7. Grimm's Wooden Rainbow Coins
  8. Grimm's Building Set Rainbow Lion
  9. Grimm's Large Building Rollers Rainbow
  10. Grimm's Large Building Rollers Pastel
  11. Grimm's Large Building Rollers Natural
  12. Grimm's Sorting Helper Building Rings Rainbow
  13. Grimm's Pastel Sorting Board
  14. Grimm's Rainbow Stepped Roofs
  15. Grimm's Pastel Stepped Roofs
  16. Grimm's Concave Finds Convex
  17. Grimm's Small Rainbow Balls
  18. Grimm's Small Pastel Balls
  19. Grimm's Rainbow Confetti Dots
  20. Grimm's Pastel Confetti Dots
  21. Grimm's Rainbow Building Rings
  22. Grimm's Pastel Building Rings
  23. Grimm's Flamingo Pebbles Building Set
  24. Grimm's Basic Building Set 2
  25. Grimm's Booklet For Creative Puzzle Square
  26. Grimm's Rainbow Pennant Banner Bunting
  27. Grimm's Pastel 36 Cubes
  28. Grimm's Dream Pebbles 2018 Limited Edition
  29. Grimm's Wooden Gem 2018 Limited Edition
  30. Grimm's Blue & Green Tangram
  31. Grimm's Orange & Pink Tangram
  32. Grimm's Two Bodies Magnet Puzzle
  33. Grimm's Goethe Magnet Puzzle
  34. Grimm's Large Colour Spiral
  35. Grimm's Star Building Puzzle
  36. Grimm's Octagon Puzzle
  37. Grimm's Large Colour Goethe Circle
  38. Grimm's Colourful Bead Stair
  39. Grimm's Large Creative Puzzle Square
  40. Grimm's Basic Building Set
  41. Grimm's Small Stepped Counting Blocks
  42. Grimm's 60 Coloured Geo Blocks
  43. Grimm's 60 Natural Geo Blocks
  44. Grimm's Mini Spirelli
  45. Grimm's Spirelli
    Grimm's Spirelli
  46. Grimm's Colour Charts Rally
  47. Grimm's Counting With Colours
  48. Grimm's Coral Reef
    Grimm's Coral Reef
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