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Grapat 18 Palos
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Grapat 18 Palos


Quick Overview

This Grapat toy set includes 18 Palos®. Handcrafted from solid wood, the cone shape lends itself beautifully to each Palos wearing a different colour hat, and 2 inquisitive eyes peeping out. Your child's imagination will create wonderful worlds of p
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Product description

Grapat 18 Palos Stick Men - Wooden Peg Dolls

This Grapat toy set includes 18 Palos®, or stick men, in a rainbow of colour

Expert craftmanship has handcarved a solid piece of wood into a cone shape, with each cone painted a different colour, and then 2 inquisitive eyes peeping out from beneath each 'hat'. With no gender or further expression suggested on these Grapat Palos®, your child can immerse themselves in a colourful world of classic wooden peg dolls from Grapat. Peg dolls make a popular Waldorf toy, from creating delightful worlds of role play and story-telling, to using them as tools to aid counting or colour recognition.

These open-ended wooden figures can be a magical wizard one minute, an intriguing forest fellow the next, then rockets, trees and members of your family. These large wooden peg dolls will appeal to the whole family, from babies who can safely explore with their mouths, to toddlers starting to discover the wonderful world of story telling, to older children whose imagination is ever expanding. 

The smooth wood creates a wonderful sensory toy, harking back to the wonderful world of nature from which it has been crafted and inspired. Young children will love how tactile the wooden Palos® peg doll feels in their hand. Each Grapat Palos® has been handmadem and stained with wonderful, water-based rainbow colour dyes. 

Recommended for 10 months+. Each Palos® measures 7cm in height.  Grapat toys are hand made using natural wood and water based dyes. Colours and wood grains vary as does life itself. Over time wood can wear with play. 

Grapat toys are designed to embolden the natural desire to play within every child.  Simplistic toys made from natural materials allow children to play freely without rules or structure, playing discovering and learning.  Sure to be a favourite with Montessori toy lovers, counting, sorting and open ended play galore.  Grapat toys are famed for the “Nins”, a beautiful range of traditional Waldorf toy peg dolls available in a plethora of colours and designs that give them real character.  Grapat toys exude the natural beauty of the earth made using locally sourced sustainable wood and finished with water based colour stain that is safe for children and will not chip away.  Nurture your child’s instincts to play and create their own imaginary worlds with Grapat.

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