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These Studio ROOF insect models are an entomologist’s dream! Decorate your home with these stunning decorative 3D wall decorations by Studio ROOF at Babipur, made from recycled card and printed in eco-friendly plant based inks. Choose from jewel like beetles, tropical butterflies, and beautiful dragonflies and bees.
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  1. Studio roof eco-friendly cardboard blossom wreath wall hanging on a white background
  2. Studio roof eco-friendly botanical wreath pop up craft kit on a white background
  3. Studio roof eco-friendly elephant beetle wall decoration on a white background
  4. Studio roof eco-friendly cardboard queen beetle slotting model on a white background
  5. Studio roof eco-friendly cardboard rainbow leaf beetle model on a white background
  6. Studio roof eco-friendly slotting cardboard yellow monarch butterfly model on a white background
  7. Studio roof eco-friendly delias butterfly wall decoration on a white background
  8. Studio roof eco-friendly cardboard bellissima butterfly craft model on a white background
  9. Studio roof eco-friendly mint forest butterfly craft model on a white background
  10. Studio roof eco-friendly slotting purple eyed butterfly model on a white background
  11. Studio roof eco-friendly cardboard giant antler beetle craft model on a white background
  12. Studio roof giant card cosmos beetle model on a white background
  13. Studio Roof biodegradable Ruby Dragonfly on a white background
  14. Studio Roof Sapphire Dragonfly wall mounted 3D wall art made from biodegradable cardboard and vegetable dyes on a white background.
  15. Studio Roof recyclable and biodegradable jade green swallowtail butterfly wall art on white background
  16. Studio Roof Big Tiger Beetle
  17. Studio Roof Deluxe Peacock Butterflies
  18. Studio Roof Wall of Curiosities - Insect Connoisseur
  19. Studio Roof Wall of Curiosities - Beetle Antiquary
  20. Studio Roof Big Titan Beetle
  21. Studio Roof Deluxe Pink Dragonfly
  22. Studio Roof Longhorn Beetle
  23. Studio Roof Scarab Beetle
  24. Studio Roof DIY Lady Beetle
  25. Studio Roof DIY Stag Beetle
  26. Studio Roof Copper butterfly
  27. Studio Roof Blue Copper butterfly
  28. Studio Roof Pink Bee
  29. Studio Roof Longwing Butterfly
  30. Studio Roof Peacock Butterfly
  31. Studio Roof Yellow Butterfly
  32. Studio Roof Blue Dragonfly
  33. Studio Roof Pink Dragonfly
  34. Studio Roof Honey Bee
  35. Studio Roof Blue Comet Butterfly
  36. Studio Roof Pink Comet Butterfly
  37. Studio Roof Violin Beetle
  38. Studio Roof Fungus  Beetle
  39. Studio Roof Madagascar Beetle
  40. Studio Roof Weevil Beetle
  41. Studio Roof Winged Beetle
  42. Studio Roof Rosalia Beetle
  43. Studio Roof Click Beetle
  44. Studio Roof Lady Beetles
  45. Studio Roof Jewel Beetle
  46. Studio Roof Stag Beetle
  47. Studio Roof Big Honey Bees Set of 3
  48. Studio Roof Big Comet Butterflies Set of 3
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