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Wobbel Original Beech Wood balance board with felt on a white background
Wobbel Original Beech Wood balance board with felt on a white background Full collection of Wobbel balance boards lined up on a white background
Close up of Wobbel Beech Wood balance board on a white background Group of children using Wobbel Beech Wood balance boards for yoga Wobbel Beech Wood balance boards set out in a semi circle in a white mirrored room Girl balancing on a Wobbel Beech Wood balance board on a yoga mat Group of children using Wobbel Beech Wood balance boards for yoga Child crawling underneath a Wobbel Beech Wood balance Board on a yoga mat

Wobbel Board Beech Wood Felt

95% of 100
A Waldorf Classic redesigned! What does it do? Only grown ups that question. Wobbel boards made from FSC beech wood with EKO felt backing in a range of coloursRead more

Wobbel Board Beech Wood with EKO Wool Felt Base

Natural beech wood Wobbel boards with wool backing in a variety of colours. Wool backing makes it perfect for solid floor surfaces. 

A Waldorf Classic redesigned! Wobbel boards are for play, for strength, for imagination, for creativity, for practicality and much more. Grown ups try to define it but children instinctively discover its uses and endless possibilities. 

What is a Wobbel board. Wobbel is a high strength wooden curved board that children and grown ups can play with. A traditional Waldorf arch board concept redesigned to be robust and beautiful. The first thing children want to do is rock! Standing up, sitting down, lying, back and forth over and over they just love rocking about. All this rocking builds strength, balancing skills and confidence. A Wobbel is more than just a rocker board though, children use them for all sorts of play, it can be a bridge, a roof, a chair or even a step. Once your child is introduced to a Wobbel, they just know what to do. Wobbel also grows with your child, younger children can crawl onto it and rock gently, they can use it as a bridge for their toys, while older children will stand and rock and incorporate building blocks or marble runs with the Wobbel as a base.

Wobbel board construction. Layers of quality European FSC beech wood are pressed under high pressure to form the curve. The boards are made in Belgium and are extremely strong with a weight limit of 200Kg. The EKO felt is made from natural wool and waterbased paints in Italy.  Everything is then finished in the Netherlands and the final result is a beautiful strong board made from completely natural and sustainable materials. 

Wobbel technical details.

Minimum age recommendation is 0+ months and it is suitable for all ages above.  Adults can enjoy these rocker boards too, building core muscle strength and balance skills. 

Wobbel is CE certified to a weight limit of 200Kg which is 31 and a half stone. It is designed for 1 child at a time to play with when rocking.

EKO felt base is made from wool.  This base protects hard floors from scratching and reduces noise. It is completely natural and free from synthetic chemicals.

Always let children play under adult supervision and let them get used to the Wobbel. Help them when needed and make clear make clear what can and can't be done with it. Beware of fingers and toes at the edges. Teach your child from the first time to never hold the edges. Provide at least two meters of free space (also to other children) around the Wobbel and place it on a flat, horizontal surface. Make sure they don't wear socks or smooth shoes, otherwise they might slip and they could fall. 
Barefoot or non-slip shoes prevent slipping.

Please note - Due to distribution rules we are not permitted to send Wobbel Boards outside the EU.

Wobbel is designed for indoor play, it may be used out side but this will accelerate wear of the felt and wood.

Full instructions can be viewed here

Wobbel Boards


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