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Playfood, Kitchen and Shop

Our selection of wooden play food, kitchens and shops are perfect for imaginative play. With so many opportunities to learn through play, from sharing, fine motor skills, numeracy and language skills, toy kitchens and shops are a wonderful resource for your child to have at home. All our play food, kitchens and accessories are ethically made from sustainably sourced wood.
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  1. Plan Toys Cupcake Set
    Plan Toys Cupcake Set
  2. Plan Toys Bread Loaf Set
  3. Plan Toys Cake Mixer Set
  4. Plan Toys Sushi Set
  5. Plan Toys Breakfast Menu Tray
  6. Plan Toys Waffle Set
  7. Plan Toys Oriental Tea Set
  8. Plan Toys Tea Set
    Plan Toys Tea Set
    £29.95 £25.46 (15% OFF)
  9. Plan Toys Tableware Set
    Plan Toys Tableware Set
    £29.95 £25.46 (15% OFF)
  10. Plan Toys Breakfast Menu
    Plan Toys Breakfast Menu
    £24.95 £21.20 (15% OFF)
  11. Plan Toys Pasta
  12. Plan Toys Sandwich Meal
  13. Plan Toys Wonky Fruit & Vegetables
  14. Plan Toys 5 Colours Veggie Set
  15. Erzi Eggplant
  16. Plan Toys Bakery Stand Set
  17. Plan Toys Birthday Cake Set
  18. Plan Toys Ice Cream Set
  19. Plan Toys Veggie Set
    Plan Toys Veggie Set
    £11.95 £7.55 (36.8% OFF)
  20. Plan Toys Fruit & Vegetables Tray
  21. Plan Toys Tea Set Natural
  22. Plan Toys Tea Set
    Plan Toys Tea Set
    £24.95 £17.90 (28.2% OFF)
  23. Plan Toys Assorted Fruit Set
  24. Plan Toys Assorted Vegetable Set
  25. Plan Toys Meat Set
    Plan Toys Meat Set
  26. Plan Toys Cooking Utensils Set
  27. Plan Toys Food & Beverage Set
  28. Plan Toys Fruit & Vegetable Play Set
  29. Plan Toys Play Centre Kitchen & Shop
  30. Plan Toys Dishwasher
  31. Plan Toys Sink
  32. Plan Toys Refrigerator
  33. Plan Toys Washing Machine
  34. Plan Toys Kitchen Stove
  35. Plan Toys Microwave
    Plan Toys Microwave
  36. Plan Toys Kitchen Set
    Plan Toys Kitchen Set
  37. Plan Toys Neo Kitchen
  38. Plan Toys Shopping Trolley
  39. Erzi wooden cake tower family board game on a white background
  40. Erzi Small Assorted Vegetables
  41. Erzi Kebab Assortment
  42. Erzi Cutlery Set
    Erzi Cutlery Set
  43. Erzi Flour
  44. Erzi Small Assorted Cheese
  45. Erzi Eggs To Cut 6 Pack
  46. Erzi Sausages For Spreading
  47. Erzi Sausage Display Stand
  48. Erzi Barbecue Assortment
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