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Violets Aromatherapy Pillow Sprays

Violets Aromatherapy Pillow Sprays


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Natural aromatherapy sprays to aid a peaceful night's sleep.

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Product description

Aromatherapy Pillow & Room Spray - 100% Natural

Developed by Homescents, who make Violet's natural laundry and baby care products, to aid a peaceful night's sleep.  Recommended for people who suffer from breathing difficulties, colds and flus or general restlessness at night.  Carefully selected aromatherapy essential oils blended to ease your night's sleep.

Eucalyptus Soother
Unique blend of Eucalyptus, Frankincense & Thyme Aromatherapy oils - Eucalyptus is  known to ease breathing during colds & bronchitis, Frankincense (used by the ancient egyptians)  encourages slow and deeper breathing, bringing a sense of calm and Thyme is known to unblock the respiratory passages during colds and flu.
Bedtime Lavender Bliss - helps soothe sleep problems and mental stress, returning a sense of balance to the spirit and inner tranquility. Tranquil blend of Lavender,  Valerian & Ylang ylang Aromatherapy oils - Lavender brings deep relaxation and supports the spirit, Valerian stabilises erratic & scattered energy promoting inner tranquility whilst Ylang Ylang helps to lift your mood and ease depression.
Ingredients: Deionised water, vitamin e and our unique blends of pure essential oils.
Note: If you suffer with epilepsy or are pregnant please check with your doctor before using.
100ml blue glass bottle with spray.
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