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Wodibow Cwic 4 Seasons Tree
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Wodibow Cwic 4 Seasons Tree


Quick Overview

Teach your child about the cycle of life and the 4 seasons with this beautiful 58 piece magnetic set from Wodibow. A 20cm tall tree which can be decorated to suit any season with leaves, flowers, fruits and snow using nothing but magnets.
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Product description

Cwic - 4 Seasons Magnetic Tree by Wodibow

Cwic is a beautiful, magnetic wooden tree from Spanish eco toy maker Wodibow. The tree is made from 58 solid wood pieces and stands at an impressive 20cm tall. Each piece uses magnets to attach to the tree and decorate its branches to suit any season or weather conditions.

Your child is going to love decorating the tree with it's different coloured leaves, flowers, fruits and snow. Make the tree match the current season, look out the window and decorate the tree to match what's happening outside, or just let your child's imagination take over and decorate the tree as they like. The painted pieces are all finished in eco-friendly water-based paint and come in a variety of colours so your child can enjoy endless hours of fun combining seasons and colours. The Cwic magnetic tree can easily become part of a play scene where they can incorporate seasonal changes in their play.

This impressive collection comes in a wooden box that's been beautifully crafted from a single piece of solid wood and has been shaped to resemble a flower pot. The box measures around 23cm x 25cm x 6cm. The tree itself measures around 20cm x 15cm x 2cm. The entire thing weights a hefty 1.7kg making this a really impressive toy that can be enjoyed by children as they play and could even be used as a decorative item to help children learn about the changing seasons.

Cwic 4 seasons tree contains 58 pieces all made to the highest quality by expert carpenters who check and double check the quality before packaging. Each piece is made from completely natural materials (wood, beeswax, olive oil and magnets) and contains no plastic.

Tree dimensions: 20cm x 15cm x 2cm
Box dimensions: 23cm x 25xm x 6xm
Total weight: 1.7kg

Sensory: Hand eye co-ordination, fine motor skills.

Schematic play: This toy will appeal to children demonstrating the positioning schema - balancing, sorting and stacking toys and objects in particular order or place

Not suitable for under 3 years of age.

Wodibow create beautiful, fun toys using only wood, magnets and other natural materials. Made to the highest of quality by expert carpenters in Segovia where each piece is double checked before being dispatched. You won’t find a hint of plastic in these toys either. Wodibow are ‘saddened by many people’s irresponsible and excessive use of plastic, which is a material that our planet isn’t able to assimilate.’ That’s why they don’t rely on it at all. Instead, they use 100% natural products that don’t contain anything that could pollute or damage the planet, people, or animals.



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